Pictures of hematoma-related bruising and swelling after vasectomy

These image depict an uncommon level of post-vasectomy bruising and swelling due to scrotal hematoma. Hematomas occur in 3%-5% of vasectomies.

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Day 2

Vasectomy bruising and swelling - day 2
I had severe swelling and bruising that appeared at the end of day 1. This picture was taken on day 2 when my scrotum was the size a baseball, and the swelling was at its most severe.

Day 3

Vasectomy bruising and swelling day 3
This picture was taken 3 days after the operation.

Day 7

Vasectomy bruising and swelling day 7
This picture was taken on day 7.

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On day 4 I saw the doctor again and some of the swelling had subsided. He stated that the swelling and bruising was definitely abnormal, but nothing could be done at that point and just to give it time.

As the swelling started to go down I noticed a lump around the incision site on day 4, and the doctor stated that it was likely a hematoma.

The hematoma grew to about the size of my thumb over day 5 and 6 and I saw the doctor again. He said if it continued to grow than he could do exploratory surgery and stop the source of the bleeding, but currently the risk of infection was high and outweighed the benefit of surgery. He also said that since the scrotum is a ‘loose sack’, bleeding is more difficult to stop than in other areas of the body, which can benefit from applying pressure to aid in clotting.

Day 8

Vasectomy bruising and swelling day 8
This was taken on day 8.

Day 17

Vasectomy bruising and swelling day 17
This photo was taken on day 17. The hematoma didn’t grow any further, but is about the same size or slightly smaller. The doctor said it would likely take 6-12 weeks for the hematoma to resolve itself, but that it would eventually go away.

He recommended I take hot baths daily, which I have been doing, and that definitely helps.

Many thanks to our contributors for submitting these pictures and allowing us to use them. 

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