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Can a vasectomy cause a hernia?

There is no evidence that a vasectomy can cause a hernia.

The vasectomy incision does not involve opening the fascia layer in the abdominal wall. Only if the fascial layer was opened can a surgery potentially cause a hernia.

Hernias are a common problem and can temporally occur at the same time that a vasectomy was done, but unrelated to the vasectomy procedure.

Answer provided by Dr. Edward Karpman.


  1. janet

    My husband had a vasectomy about seventeen years ago and now he has a double hernia. I know that the two are not connected but with all the pressure and pushing that the hernia is causing is there anyway that this could cause a reversal in his vasectomy?

  2. Alecia

    My husband had a vasectomy about 8 months ago and while driving him home from the surgery he complained that he woke up during the surgery and told the doctor that he hurt him. He said it felt like he pulled to hard on his left side, and ever since he has had discomfort on his left side. It is always swollen and you can see it under his skin. We went to our family doctor and he said it was a hernia. I have read that the spermatic cord passes through the abdomen and into the testes, and that there is one for each testicle. Is it possible that this “pulling” that my husband complained of be the doctor pulling this cord resulting in a hernia? If not, why did it happen at the same time the surgery took place? It was not there before and it has been there ever since.

  3. Jodi

    I plan on getting a vas reversal and I realy want to have the Mini reversal but don’t know if I can? I had a hernia surgery done 5 years ago and have read they have make larger incision then normal when this is the case.

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