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Scrotal hematoma after vasectomy

A scrotal hematoma is a collection of blood inside the scrotum. It occurs when bleeding fails to stop after a vasectomy, or when bleeding resumes at some point after the operation due to trauma or other conditions. Hematomas may also develop after a vasectomy reversal.

Scrotal hematomas occur in a approximately 2% to 5% of. A hematoma is a serious complication that can be very unpleasant, but it will rarely cause long term damage.

Symptoms of a scrotal hematoma

Scrotal hematomas typically occur shortly after the vasectomy procedure. They are often accompanied by swelling, bruising, and pain.

The symptoms are dependent on the location, size, and cause of the hematoma, so it’s possible to develop a hematoma without showing all symptoms. A small hematoma may cause minimal swelling and discomfort, while a larger hematoma could result in extensive bruising and pain.

Scrotal hematomas vary in size. They may be so small they aren’t even noticeable, or so large they feel like a third testicle. The reason for this is that the loose skin of the scrotum can expand greatly and may not immediately provide the pressure necessary to stop the bleeding. In these scenarios, the hematoma won’t stop growing until it becomes big enough to apply pressure to the source of the bleeding, or a spontaneous clot appears.

Are you getting a vasectomy?
Plan ahead and get some cold packs and a 3 pack of jock straps for a comfortable post-surgery recovery!

A hematoma will generally feel like a lump or growth in the scrotum. This hematoma mass will eventually harden as the blood forming the hematoma clots.

Treating a scrotal hematoma

First and foremost, you need to see your doctor as soon as possible if you suspect you have a hematoma. While a scrotal hematoma is usually not a serious issue, it could require special treatment or be related to another problem.

Hematomas usually go away on their own after a period of 4-8 weeks depending on their size. The clotted mass of blood that makes up the hematoma will slowly be absorbed into the body, so all you can really do is wait. Pain, bruising, and swelling may last for a similar amount of time, although these symptoms usually diminish as the hematoma shrinks and breaks up.

Your doctor may recommend hot baths, ibuprofen, and tight undergarments as ways to alleviate discomfort and speed recovery.

In extreme cases surgical intervention may be necessary, but this is usually regarded as a last resort.

Avoiding a post-vasectomy hematoma

While it’s impossible to completely eliminate the risk developing of a hematoma after your vasectomy, there are a steps you can take to minimize the odds it’ll happen to you.

Have a urologist perform the procedure

While your general practitioner may be capable of performing your vasectomy, it’s generally best to find a urologist to do the job.

Urologist generally have much more experience in providing vasectomy services, and experience is a significant factor in predicting the likelihood of complications after a vasectomy (see next tip).

Find an experienced doctor

In general, the more vasectomy operations a doctor has performed, the lower the chance of hematoma.

One study found that “the incidence of hematoma was 4.6% for physicians performing 1–10 vasectomies annually, 2.4% for those performing 11–50 annually, and 1.6% for those performing >50 annually.”

Do your research and find out how many procedures the doctor performs in a year. This may be on the doctor’s website, but it’s also something you can ask about during your initial consultation.

This tip shouldn’t be taken to mean that a doctor who has done fewer vasectomies isn’t competent to perform your operation. The incidence of hematoma is very small regardless of the number of procedures a doctor has performed, but statistically speaking you’ll have better luck with a more experienced doctor.

Look into a no-scalpel vasectomy

The no-scalpel vasectomy method offers a number of benefits over the traditional technique, and one of those benefits is a lower risk of developing a post-vasectomy hematoma.

A scalpel free vasectomy uses sharp forceps to puncture the skin and doesn’t involve any cutting. With the no-scalpel method there’s a lower chance of nicking a blood vessel, which means a lower risk for hematomas.


  1. Roy

    I just had a vasectomy 12 days ago and am experiencing the same problem on the right side the left side has gone down. I just found out about a natural herb called Nattozime and started taking it today I have been to 2 doc’s both gave me the same answer you recieved wait it out. I am not very happy at this time.

    • Chuck

      Same way here except opposite sides. Dr started cauterizing me before I was numb. Now I can’t even walk properly due to the swelling and pain.

  2. kari

    Hi, my husband just had a vasectomy 14 days ago and he is still in pain and has a large lump in his left testicle. he called the Dr. and they told him to soak in warm baths, that it is probably caused by some excess bleeding post surgery??? This sounds like the same thing you guys are experencing. Could this have been caused by a Drs. error??? My husband is not very happy either. I feel horrible for him.

  3. Roy

    OK I don’t think it’s the DR. fault mine was done on the 4th of Jan I had an ultrsound done last Sun and everything is ok on the inside except for the hematoma it is the same size as one of my testicle. Everything I read says it will take weeks or maybe month’s to fully absorb the blood from the hematoma. I found some erbal medicine called Nattozines Plus and started taking that on Wednesday I went to the Doc today I can say that it is a little better not much but anything better is good my doc did not agree with the Nattozime pills but there is nothing else out there to help period!! But time!

  4. Roy

    Keep in touch I am taking warm bath’s also w/Epson salt. I have been out of work for 2 weeks I am going in on Mon. Tell your Husband I truly feel his pain but WE will make through!!!

  5. Steve

    Hello, I’m 12 days post vasectomy and in just the same situation as you guys , eg: hematoma, brusing, and now an infection and its not much fun!

    Could you post an update on your recovery please? I’d like to know how you got on…

    I think this would be very useful to me and lots of other guys looking for anwers… You know what I’m saying, it’s just good to hear that your not alone.

  6. Jason

    I had my vasectomy on March 7, 2008 and did everything the doctor asked for recovery – stay in bed for 48 hours and keep it iced.

    Six days later I’ve got a hematoma the size of an egg under my right testicle. The swelling on the left side is completely gone. I have significant bruising on my scrotum, penis and over to my right hip. WTF??? Like you all, I’m pretty upset this has happened.

    My guess is that the doctor knows something went wrong because he told me I’d be pretty swollen for a few weeks. Under normal circumstances the swelling should subside completely in less than a week.

    The good news is I don’t have any pain – I’m just carrying an egg around. I went to a second urologist yesterday who confirmed the hematoma and he said Aleve would help.

    Both urologists said that only time will heal the hematoma – that it can’t be drained because it is in the soft tissue.

    So, warm baths, Aleve and the antibiotic they prescribed are what I’m doing for treatment. I’m also wearing a jock strap everyday (over my underwear to cut down on the laundry)

    I’m curious to know if the above mentioned “Nattozines Plus” helped at all.

    We should probably all buy a Lotto ticket soon while we’re on a low probability hot streak…

  7. Roy

    Wow I just happened to check the site to see if any other people have replied. Well I have good news and bad I don’t really know if the nattozimes worked I know it increases blood flow down there 🙂 after I am totally healed I may buy some more that’s right 2 month’s and my right side is not healed all the way It doesn’t pain much anymore I started working out in late Feb. It has gone down alot but not 100% no one told me about the advil until later on they did seem to work. I am not happy about it at all. everthing still works but the big bang at the end of the show is not as big as it used to be. More guys need to know this before they make this decision I don’t think I would do it again. I beleive I read somewhere that a scrotal hematoma can toke 6 or more month’s to heal. The best advice I can give is stay strong try not to think negative cause your mind will make things worse fast I was about to go to the Doc’s office and have a man to man talk with him cause just like the man above said I did everything by the book. I am getting p@#* off right now typing. Later

  8. Robert

    I had a vasectomy on Friday March 14 and by Saturday my scrotum was the size of a grapefruit. Went back to the doc on Monday and he informed me that I had a Hematoma. I am extremely bruised and walking is a true pain for me right now, I can hardly make it to the bathroom.

    My doctor said not to take ibuproffin or aspirin. Why would he say that?

  9. Roy

    You need a second opinion go somewhere else. Stay off your feet right now. Buckle down for a long road to recovery. I can say that it will get better Ibruprofen is working for me but make sure that your body can take the advil or asprin I think it thins the blood to allow faster absorbtion it makes sense but still it is not a overnight remedy my VAC was done on Jan 4.

  10. Jason

    It’s only been 3 weeks since my vasectomy but I haven’t seen any improvement in the size of the hematoma.

    I went in for a sonogram today. The hematoma is about the same size as, and directly above, my right testicle. Over the last 14 days it has become hard to the touch. My guess is that the accumulation of blood has clotted and essentially turned into a big scab. I can’t imagine it will be absorbed in a few weeks.

    I’m mentally preparing for this to take 6 months to resolve, if not longer.

    I’m seeing the urologist on 3/31 to review the sonogram pictures and try to determine how long it will take to recover – if ever.

    I’ve tried every homeopathic supplement and even visited a chinese medicine doctor who gave me some “magic herbs” and nothing has worked.

    If you are reading this and thinking about getting a vasectomy – DON’T DO IT!

    I’ll post an update on what the doctor says next week.

  11. Roy

    Jason don’t worry unless you see major change for the worse it WILL get better mine has improved really good the past week or so I think advil helped me the most and time. I go back on the 8 of April t find out if I am 100% sterile I better be after all of this. My hematoma is also on the right side just eat right take it easy and let your body do what it does best take a licking and keep on ticking.

  12. Tom

    I am fifteen days out from my Vas. and have a monster right side hematoma. So large, in fact that the pain was virtually unbearable. I was drained with a 12 gage needle yesterday where about an ounce of blood was removed. I had instant relief. This morning the swelling was back and pain was worse. The doc drained well over two ounces of blood and the pain remained. This is horrible. Anyone out there have theres drained? comments from it? progress?

  13. Roy

    Tom I was told by a couple of Doc’s not to drain it unless medically ness. make sure you are taking some type of antibiotic for infeection cause the risk of infection is greater when you drain the Hematoma. Good Luck

  14. Jason

    Thanks for the encouraging words Roy. Basically, my doctor’s visit to the review the sonogram was a dissapointment. I thought we were going to review the images and allow me to get an understanding of EXACTLY what was going on. Instead, he just read me the 3 sentence abstract and said I have a moderate to large hematoma.

    He said in 3 weeks I should start to see it go down some and it will likely take 3 months to dissipate completely. He said the last few weeks before it is completely dissipated it will turn soft, or gel-like, and then be gone.

    He told me that what likely happened is that he sutured a blood vessel during the procedure and it “spasmed” and ruptured which is what caused the bleeding and bruising.

    Tom, I can only imagine what your going through. If the hematoma swelled up again you are obviously still bleeding/hemoraging. You need to take it VERY easy. The bleeding may get worse with activity or anything that raises your blood pressure. Relax – it will get better. Really sorry to hear how bad this has been for you.

  15. Roy

    Well guys the end result after all this was a success. I went through alot of pain and the hematoma is still there but it is getting smaller. I am going back on advil 1 pill 3 times a day hopefully this thing will be over soon.

  16. val

    well my problem is sort of the same i had my wombat desexed and he has a large hematoma i have been trying to find some info and this is the only place after reading all the other peoples problems it looks like he is going to be sore for quite a while

  17. Jason

    Are you kidding me? Your frickin’ wombat?

    I’m finally noticing the hematoma getting smaller. Procedure was on March 7th so after 45 days it seems like it’s starting to go down. I’d say it’s about 90% of what it was two weeks ago. So, assuming…

    1. It takes about a month for the hematoma to stabilize and begin dissipating
    2. The dissipation is a steady process once it starts to be absorbed

    …it takes about 2 weeks to absorb 10% of the hematoma. So a total of 20 weeks once it starts to go down. Keep in mind that the doctor said I had a “large hematoma”.

    My rough calculations indicate I’ve got about another 4-5 months before this thing is completely gone.

    I’m back to the gym and the sex life is as active as ever. Intercourse is at a somewhat slower pace but I’m not getting any complaints there. Yeah, it gets in the way during some positions, but it isn’t really that big of a deal.

    If your freaking out like I was when this first happened, it’ll get better. You’ll forget about it – I’m definitely not obsessing on it any longer – it is what it is and staying pissed off doesn’t change anything.

    Since there is ZERO useful information on this complication other than this website, I’ll post my progress in this thread periodically. If any previous posters (other than wombat boy) are still checking this thread, please provide an update on your progress to help others calculate their own recovery time.

    Also, I’m taking 2 Advil 3x’s per day.

  18. Roy

    Surg Jan, 4 08 4 month’s later not completely gone, alot better but not 100% Time Time Time don’t dwell on it jst keep on livin!!

  19. Ken

    I had surgery for removal of my left one on Monday. It is now Thursday and the hemotoma is about the size of my fist – a large grapefruit. And it hurts. I can’t even go to the bathroom without holding it up as the jock strap can even handle the size. They have me on antibiotics and advised me that it is going to take some time. I’ve been advised it was related to my aspiron treatments. I am taking pain meds and advised to use heat to induce better flow and ice to reduce the swelling 20 minutes of heat then 15minutes of ice seems to do me some good. The best thing I am doing right now is staying down. No walking, exercising, etc. It will be a longer recovery than I originaly had hope. The best part is the other pain of the testicle is now gone.

  20. Troy

    You guys crack me up! Thank God I found this site because I had my wings cut the 12th of June. Today June, 20th i went back for a check up and I haven’t even really felt my testicles to see what they feel like due to sharp pains like i got kicked in the knuts back in grade school. So at the check up the Doc grabbed the areas where the incisions were and felt both testicles and to my surprise they didn’t hurt, but just felt uncomfortable. I just got back to work and went to the bathroom and noticed that i felt the hemotoma the size of large walnut above my right testicle. From these postings it sounds like i will be in it for the long haul. Very dissapointed but what do you expect when you have surgery! Something always goes wrong, minor or major.

  21. Bilbo

    I was not advised to stay in bed for 48 hours, felt fine the next day, and that night, you know what happened.

    Anyone have clarifying advice on the hot compress/bath versus ice pack advice? Or is it advisable to alternate?

    I know aspirin is ill advised immediately after the procedure, but once the hematoma has stabilized and is being reabsorbed, seems logical that aspirin’s blood-thinning properties could be helpful?

  22. Ben

    I thought i would add my experience to help educate others. After my NSV I took the next 48 hours with care, and everything seemed to be going by the book, My doc said I could return to the gym after 1 week, I decided to take it easy for 2 weeks, this way I could be sure that everything was okay.
    After 17 days I decided to go to the gym, this was a big mistake, i woke up the next morning with a lump the size of a golf ball above my left testicle and alot of swelling. It turns out I now have a hematoma and have been given anti-inflamitries and antibiotics. The doc tells me it should all be gone in a few weeks, hopefully this is the case.
    My advice would be to take it easy for at least a month… just to be sure.

  23. Jason

    Surgery on March 7th and complications were a large hematoma above my right testicle, major bruising & hydrocele. Basically, it looked like Barry Bonds took a baseball bat to my man parts. It’s now early July and much better. The hydrocele is almost completely gone and the hematoma is about 1/5th of its original size. Not back to normal, but getting there.

    4 months after the procedure i’m almost 100%. Still have a hard mass above my right testicle – feels about the size of a marble.

    No pain and no visible signs of the hematoma now. Sexually, everything is great. No loss of sensation or decreased intensity of climax or ejaculate volume.

    I do recall going to the gym a few weeks after the procedure and it caused additional swelling. I’d definitely wait a month or so. Leg exercises seemed to aggravate it the most.

  24. Castrated

    Surgery June 3rd and I still get shooting pain in groin area. Had a hanging cantaloupe for over two weeks. Developed a hematoma the size of an egg in my scrotum and also in upper groin next to penis. Six weeks later, swelling has reduced, but hematoma still present and showing no signs of going down. Shooting pain continues at various times during the day. Nothing prescribed has been able to alleviate the pain. The warm baths, ice packs, and rest did little to ease my condition. I have been told by several doctors that it will take time and any attempt to cut the hematoma out would result in more bleeding. I took Torodol and ibuprofen for weeks after surgery, but they provided no noticeable relief. Information pamphlet on “what to expect after surgery” seems pretty unrealistic in hindsight. I’ve been to hell and back with pain and discomfort, and I am hoping that I don’t carry these complications with me forever. Luckily I had an understanding employer and short-term disability benefits.

  25. Bilbo

    Been two weeks since my previous comment so here’s an update. It hurts to move around much (despite the prescribed narcotics) so I’ve been in bed 23 hours a day for 2 weeks now. I intend to keep trying the warm baths, not sure it helps but it’s relaxing anyway. Hematoma has stabilized after growing for the first week or so, now is very firm. Waiting it out…

  26. Dan

    Today is my ninth day post vasectomy and and I am in agonizing pain!! I have a small hematoma in the right testicle. It only hurts when I feel it. Not bad at all. The left side is a killer!! I have a large mass (the hematoma) in the upper portion of my left testicle. Standing is the worse! I can not stand more than 30 seconds without agonizing pain! My doctor is not the best either. He says nothing to do but wait it out. I wish there were something that could hurry this along. I have been using ice packs almost constantly till today. I tried some heat packs to help out. Still nothing but lying still in bed seems to make a difference. Luckily I have a job that should allow me to work from home. I will be sending an email to my boss tomorrow.

    If anyone has any suggestions on how to get rid of the pain and these HUGE lumps in my testicles, please let me know! For anyone considering a vasectomy, make sure you are willing to suffer for a long haul. The short recovery period…not the case for me.

  27. Bilbo

    It’s been 5 weeks since my vasectomy (see my previous comments above), and this is my fourth week out of work (luckily I can telecommute).

    The pain (and my consumption of Lortab to treat it) plateaued for about 10 days before gradually subsiding. Now the hematoma is much firmer, slightly smaller, and just “uncomfortable”. I am treating the pain with Aleve only at night — Lortab is an addictive opiate and after a couple weeks of 5/day … ugh.

    I can finally walk nearly normally again and sit in regular chairs for more than 10mins without pain.

    Dan — I think ice packs are advised if the hematoma is still growing/getting worse. You should be wearing a jockstrap; that helps some in terms of moving around the house. A combination of tighty-whiteys with a jockstrap on top got me through the last couple weeks.

    Once it was confirmed that my hematoma had stopped growing (bleeding) and solidified, I started taking a 30min hot bath daily. Once the pain began decreasing last week, I have been sort of massaging it gently in the bath, trying to break it up some. Not sure if it’s my imagination, but this usually results in a couple hours of malaise/nausea which I am attributing to a rush of dead blood being reabsorbed/processed by my body. Lovely.

    Good luck all. I’ll post again with an update in a week or two.

  28. JeffM

    Im glad to see some didnt have to through the extremes I did. My urologist had over 40 years experience and came highly recommended.

    3 hours after my vasectomy I was lying on the couch and felt a POP in my scrotum. I began to feel myself bleeding internally. This was about the most scared I think I have ever been. It is freakish to feel yourself bleeding and swelling…and in the scrotum on top of that. My wife called the doctor a couple of times and after I continued to swell with blood he told her to bring me into their ER. I almost passed out when the wife hoisted me off the couch. The pain and loss of blood was alot to bear. I had to slowly hobble to the car.

    Once I reached the ER I had to be helped up onto the curb and then helped into a bed. Bending or leaning was just way too painful and I had to have help. Thank God I was able to get a shot for the pain quickly.

    I was admitted into the hospital. I had to have the nurses undress me and get my gown on and into bed. They treated me with ice packs and pain killers over night. My scrotum was blackish/blue and the size of a grapefruit. The doctor felt there had been some progress – enough for me to be discharged. He wanted to see me in three days. It was a long three days. I could barely walk to the bathroom and urinating was a painful joke. The wife had to help me with everything since I couldn’t raise my legs or bend over.

    On the third day I went back to the doctor’s office. Because of the lack of progress and pain I was in even with pain killers he said I needed surgery to drain the scrotum. I was again admitted to the hospital and had surgery the next day.

    They drained over a cup of blood and clot out of my scrotum and inserted a drain. I spent the next three days in bed and I dont think I have ever had my penis looked at by so many people ever in my life as I did my stay there. I had a morphine pump which I tried not to use. On my last day I needed to get up and start walking. I felt like my scrotum was ripping in two. It took me 2 hours to recover from the brief walk I had to take. I couldn’t sit in a chair.

    After I was discharged I had to lie flat for the next three days. It took about a month before I could stand longer than 5 minutes and about three months before all of the discoloring was gone.

    Because of my experience I have nothing but contempt for anyone who tells a guy its just a snip-snip no big deal. I got news for you – it can become a VERY big deal with months of pain and thousands of dollars in medical expenses.

    A vasectomy is still statistically better than your spouse getting her tubes tied. But NO ONE should take a vasectomy lightly.

  29. Bilbo

    JeffM, that sounds absolutely awful, surely one of the worst stories I’ve heard about vasectomy-caused hematoma. I guess you can try to believe “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”

    I am now almost 7 weeks post-vasectomy and my hematoma is egg-sized and uncomfortable but not causing me continuous pain any more. I can sit in chairs for a few hours and walk around relatively normally. I’m back at work after a nearly 4 week (telecommuting) absence.

    Good luck all.

  30. Gary

    I had my V performed on July 25th. The first 2 days seemed fine (keeping things in perspective, of course). First thing when I woke up on the 3rd morning was a huge sack (grapefruit size) & a lot of bruising which extended onto my Pns & pubic area. A call to my Dr. said that as long as my sack was not hard, but relatively soft & pliable, that things are OK. Well, I took his work for it & wasn’t worried. Feeling pretty good, I played 9 holes of golf on August 5th (that’s 11 days after the procedure). Up to this point, the “hole” that was made during the procedure never totally healed….There was a little bit of blood seepage each day…nothing major though. When I got home & took a shower after my worse 9 holes ever, I noticed grape jelly coming out of the hole. I felt a bit queasy, but squeezed some more out, then stopped because the thought of having a testicle pop out came across my mind. The next day, the blood seepage was back to the way it was before the shower event. The hard lump above my left testicle became more defined. From having trauma to this area in the past from motorcycle accident, I had a pretty good idea as to what it was…scrotal hemotoma. The hole that was made during the surgery, however, was still seeping a little bit of blood. On Wednesday, August 6th, I called my Urologist’s office, found out that he was on vacation & spoke to one of his nurses & explained what was happening. She told me to call if anything worsens & that she would follow up in 2 days. Well, nothing got worse and she did call to check on me on Friday, August 8th. After hearing that the bleeding still hasn’t entirely stopped, she asked one of the other Drs. in the practice & he wanted me to come in to the office that afternoon. I expected a quick in & out visit. What I got was the grossest scrotum-squeezing session of a lifetime. We could have made a few peanut butter & jelly sandwiches with the amount of coagulated blood (closely resembling firm grape jelly) that he was able to get out. He recommended wearing support, rest & ice for 2 days. The weekend went well & the bleeding seemed to have stopped. I was stoked!!!! This morning (Monday, August 11th), however, wearing support & full office attire, I bent down to tie my shoes to go to work when I felt something squirt in my crotch…I looked down & it looked like a little bit of pee at first. It wasn’t red liquid. I cleaned us & squeezed the scrotum a little bit where the opening was to see if anything came out…well dark red watery blood came out….not gushing, but it did require a couple of gauzes to clean up. The front of my pants, underwear & jock strap were all soaked.

    I have a followup visit already set up for this coming Friday. My plan is to take it as easy as possible for the remainder of this week.

  31. Dan

    I am now five weeks post vasectomy. This week I resumed exercise. So far so good. Shortly after my last post, the alternating heat and ice seem to have worked well. I developed a large lump in my left testicle a little larger than an egg. I began taking ibuprofen morning and night. I still have a little bit of a lump but it has shrunk quite a bit. I feel much better now.

    I am also pleased to say that sexual performance has not changed at all. I was not up for it for about two weeks after being snipped but now back to regular activity. I am glad I found this site. It helps in reading what others were facing. I am going in for a follow up visit this Friday but I expect he will be surprised how well I have healed now.

    For me the pain was intense for about 2 or 3 weeks after the vasectomy. After that just regular discomfort and now I hardly think about it. My recommendations for others about to go through with the procedure…..wear your scrotal support even if you do not think you need it for at least the first two weeks. Use ice for three days solid after the procedure. And most importantly, take it easy for the first month afterwards! Stay off your feet as much as possible.

    JeffM, I feel your pain! I hope you feel better soon!

  32. Drew

    Had my vas on Friday 8/1. The weekend went about as expected, but the pain became progessively worse ealry the following week. On 8/6 the swelling became firm (a cause for concern according to the paperwork the doc’s office gave me), so I called my doc for a follow up…turns out my doc was on vacation (Gary, I wonder if we have the same doctor?). One of his associtates was going to be in that afternoon to see patients, so I was able to get in and see him.

    After a brief conversation and exam, I was told I had a hematoma in the cord, which produced the walnut size lump above my right nad (seems like a common location reading the posts above). He put me on an antibiotic as a preventative measure, instructed me not to ride a bicycle for a while, and had me come back a week later to see the doc that performed the surgery.

    I went back yesterday (8/13) for the follow up with my origianl doc. His diagnosis confirmed exactly what the other doc said. I talked to him about draining it, and he recommended against it (opens up other complications and likely would provide short term relief but lead to a longer recovery process). Taking it easy and giving it time was the only thing I could do. Continuing the antibiotic, ice packs and ibuprofen were also recommended.

    I asked about taking asprin to thin the blood (Bilbo, I had the exact same thought as you). My doctor said that I should definitely NOT take asprin, as this would promote bleeding in the hematoma and make it worse.

    Everyone on this forum obviously knows this situation sucks. The pain can be unbearable at times (and I think my case is mild compared to some others listed). However, I still think the surgery was the right thing to do though vs. having my wife go under general anesthesia to have her tubes tied. I’m confident this will get better in time as my doctor (and others on this forum) has promised. In the mean time, I’m dealing with the pain and considering taking a temporary second job with the circus as “the three-balled man”.

  33. Roy

    The first Fri of 2008 is when I had mine. Here it is 8 month’s later and I have my report. The hematoma is not gone all the way it is still a little tight on the right side the left side was good anyway. Everything is good in the sex dept. but although it may be mental sometimes the big bang at the finale is not as big as it used to be. Again it may be mental also it gets sore sometimes not bad pain but I know it is still there Hopefully one day I will be back to 100%

  34. Chris

    I had my V 13Aug. Since then my scrotum has increased 50% in size and there is bruising over most of the scrotum. Though, there are no lumps yet that I can feel.

    How do you know when the bleeding has stopped? There also seems to be mixed message on this board regarding taking Ibuprofen. Since I have now crossed the 3 day marker, should I just assume bleeding has stopped and thus I can start with a heating pad? Thanks for all of your tips and such.

  35. Drew


    The instructions from my doctor were to use only Tylenol or the Vicodin they prescribed for the pain. I ignored his advice (foolishly) and alternated between Tylenol and Ibuprofen during the day and took the Vicodin at night.

    When I went back for my follow up (12 days post surgery), I asked if I could use Ibuprofen to get the anti inflamatory benefits. My doctor’s response was “Yes, it’s been long enough now that you can.” Right then knew I had made a mistake for taking shortly after surgery. I don’t know if the Ibuprofen contributed to the hematoma or not, but I know Ibuprofen does have some blood thinning characteristics (just not as much as Asprin).

    My advice on the Ibuprofen is to get clearance from your doctor before you start taking it. As for the heating pad, I’d stick to ice…it’s better for the swelling and helps numb the pain.

    Best of luck to you. Swelling and bruising are normal, so if no lumps develop you should be out of the woods in no time.

  36. Roy

    Chris if you have a hematoma you will be in extreme pain as well as the swelling you will know before 3 days. I knew something was wrong within the first 24 hrs. Diff doctors will give you diff advice and also each one of us is diff so what worked for you may not work for me. The best remedy I found was TIME and I tried a couple of blood thinners and clot busters. Natural of course.

  37. JB's wife

    My husband JB just had his vasectomy 6 days ago. He’s got the lovely hematoma, major swelling and what he describes as “eggplant balls” because of all the bruising. The hematoma is over his right testicle, it’s about the size of a walnut and causes him to have stabbing pain. He hasn’t gone back to the doctor but JB called the doc and explained his symptoms in detail. His advice was the same as the rest of you, rest and motrin. I’m really worried about him going back to work, he’s in law enforcememt. I’m so afraid that he’ll get kicked or have to run after someone. He’s thinking that he’ll take the rest of next week off, that will have been 2 full weeks off. Hopefully he’ll be feeling better by then, if not he’ll be stuck behind the desk on light duty.

    Some of your stories sound so much like ours but the “grape jelly” story takes the cake, that one was the worst! If my husband had ooze coming out of his balls like that I think he’d pass out, I know I would.

  38. dustin

    5 weeks ago I had the vasectomy procedure done and it has been a nightmare. I have a hematoma a little smaller then the size of my fist and I have average size hands. It is painful and it has not gone down out all. I have had 2 ultra sounds done one during the first week and another during the 4th week and no difference in size. The pain feels like somebody is flicking me in my balls all day long. I was told by the doctor last week that it will take months for it to dissolve. If any body has gone through a large hematoma the size of a fist that has recovered from it please reply I will check the forum daily today is the 18 Oct 08
    thank you

  39. Bilbo

    Dustin, your doctor’s right. My procedure was Jun 19th, and I am not out of the woods yet. (See my previous comments above). That was 4 months ago.

    Hematoma is the size of a smaller-than-average walnut, and while the pain is only occasional and relatively minor, it is still a reminder of this summer’s nightmare.

  40. dustin

    Thanks for the reply Bilbo. WOW 4 months that sucks. I’m sure I will be takeing the same ride as you. The doctor was also telling me that a hematoma is supposed to be gel like to the feel well not mine, its hard as a rock. Then my job being in the Army really has no mercy on you. I’ve also been massaging my hematoma in the bath but it’s like massaging a rock. I agree with you it’s been a nightmare. Was your hematoma hard like a rock then went gel like? How big was your hematoma at the begining?

  41. Bilbo

    Mine started soft and gradually firmed and is now yea kinda rock like. At its largest it was almost fist-sized. My doc didn’t exactly endorse the warm bath idea but agreed it sounded logical.

    The texture is no mystery… remember essentially it’s a glob of blood, turning into a big nasty internal scab. Sometimes scabs are hard to the touch.


  42. Brian

    Hey guys father of 4 here and had a Vas on the 14th of November. The procedure went ok. I took the Doc’s advice and went home and took it easy, iced my junk and took tylenol for the swelling. But I developed a hematoma anyway. The main reason why I did this was for my wife and she really hasn’t been all that compassionate for the pain that I’m having to deal with. But anyhow yeah gravity really hasn’t been a friend of mine, as soon as I need to go to the bathroom good ole gravity starts tugging on the boys and it feels like I got kicked in the jewels. I was prescribed some pain killers (narcotics) to deal with it so hopefully it gets better in the next few days or so.

  43. JD

    Had my Vas on Nov 12. I knew during the procedure that something was problematic on the left side. It took the Dr. several minutes longer than it had on the right side and I was experiencing some discomfort as he worked. I asked the Dr. if there were any complications on the left side and (surprise) he said no. Two days later my scrotum was the size of a small canteloupe and I was experiencing significant pain and bruising. I called the Dr. and he said it was normal. Then I decided he was an idiot and I called my college buddy who is a urologist and he said that I had a scrotal hematoma. Next day I called the Dr. and was told he was out for the next four days…later that day I managed to bum rush my way in to see the senior Dr. at the practice that performed my vas. He confirmed the hematoma and said if I stayed in bed for a week i could go back to work and that I’d be back to normal in three weeks.

    I followed his advice and went back to work a week later…I made it through the first day at my desk with some discomfort, but the second day my balls swelled up and i was hurting pretty good. I came home early feeling very discouraged as I realized this is going to be a protracted problem.

    So now it’s been twelve days, the swelling and bruising (which was significant-from my anus to my navel) has subsided marginally, but there remains on the left side of my scrotum a two by four inch hematoma that is quite hard to the touch. Sounds like my hematoma is larger than average but not huge.

    I spoke today to my urologist buddy and he said that in another 5-6 weeks that the hematoma should be 80-90% resolved, but it will likely be around Valentine’s Day before it’s completely gone. He told me that advil or any blood thinner medicine won’t expedite the healing process. Also, he recommended sometimes taking a warm bath as it would likely increase blood flow in the scrotum. Finally, he said to use common sense as my guide for how much I should try to do activity-wise.

    I’d appreciate any feedback from the group with regard to how much activity they could perform 6-8 weeks after their surgery. I’m scheduled for a golf trip between christmas and new years and am hoping I’ll be well enough to play.

  44. RB

    My husband had his vasectomy Nov. 13. He had considerably more pain as the doctor did the left side and hematoma was confirmed 3 days later. He had significant swelling, pain, and bruising. I was so concerned, he went to the ER on day 5 where an ultrasound confirmed the hematoma but gave us the reassurance that everything looked ok.

    Today it is 17 days since his vasectomy and the pain is lessening but he still has minor swelling, bruising, and hard hematoma the sized of a walnut or a little larger. He wants to resume relations and I am nervous. Any advice would be appreciated regarding what point intercourse is ok.

    I have great regret regarding his vasectomy as I read all the possible complications. He is doing better than me emotionally. I have a lot of anger due to the doctor’s lack of information beforehand. He apologised profusely afterwards, I think because he knows what a long haul recovery is with this complication.

  45. MB

    Had vas on Friday 11/14 at 11:30am. Knew within an hour things weren’t right. Waited until 3:00 to call the doc. He had me come in (he admits now he thought it was going to be no big deal) then he saw the melon balls. I think he was surprised at how big they were. He suggested surgery. Went to the OR at 8:30pm and he “cleaned” out as much out as he could. I was informed later that I had arterial bleeding and had bled a pint of blood. He also installed a drain on the right side to help get everything out of there. The next 10 days were horrible. I medicated with 800mg IB and vicodin. Switched off every 3 hours. That was not even enough to cover the pain. I was laid out for 10 days I didn’t leave the house except for follow up appointments with the doc. He took the drain out on the third day. Saw him the next Friday and I was still having problems walking. I went to work Monday 11/24 thinking day 10 I should be better. Bad mistake….and I have a desk job. Things started to get better the weekend of the 29th. But I still felt pain from time to time. Today is 12/8. I still take IB but not as frequent. My boys are the size of a lemon, but the pain isn’t there (most of the time). I can tell the hematoma has started to break down, but there are parts that are still rock hard. I have not resumed ANY physical activity. In fact, I did a lot of walking (running around with the kids) this weekend and noticed some soreness by the end of the day. IN fact sitting here right now a pulsating pain has popped up in that region. You just don’t know minute by minute. So I am at day 19 and it sounds like I have a long way to go. By the way, my doc said he has done 1000 vasectomies. I was his first hematoma. If you look this up on line, which I am sure all of you have by now. There is a 1 in 1000 chance of this complication. It sucks to fulfill the statistic.

  46. JD

    It’s been a month now. recovery well under way. hematoma about 60-70% dissolved. warm bath every night definitely has helped. about ready to strt some exercise. minor inconvenience is the incision on the side that was most swollen, still not fully healed…i think when the stitches dissolved weeks ago, the pressure from the swelling forced the wound to remain open so there has been residual exterior bledding for about 3 weeks that is now finally stopping.

  47. Jason G

    I had my VAS. done on Dec. 4th. and noticed a problem by the time I drove home. All of the doctors paperwork said to expect some swelling and bruising so I thought ice would take care of it. I mentioned the problem to my wife and all she would say is to l;ay down and ice. By that evening, I called my wife in to get her opinion . When I pulled down my undies, she just about passed out. I was bruised from my waiste line to mid-thigh and I was swollen larger than a mango. At this point, I was in some pain, more pressure and bloated feeling, but the Doc had given me a few Lortabs just in case. It was too late to call the office, I did not want to go to the E.R. because I was too embarrassed so I waited until morning.

    I called the Dr. in the morning and let him know I had a problem and he said to come in just for a look. When he got to actually see the problem, his jaw dropped and his firsts words were ” When was the last time you ate? We are going to the hospital!” Well, after it seemed like the entire lobby looking at my junk, he/they decided to cut me open in the office and squeeze everything out……It did not work.

    After this long “quick look”, all the Doc would say is that it would take care of itself and it would be uncomfortable for a while and that I need to come back on Monday for a “re-check”.

    It has been almost a month now. I have a lump the size and shape of an avacodo. My life has changed in many ways. It is still very painful to do many things, but hopefully it will get better.

  48. PR

    Thanks a lot to all the previous posters for all their info. I guess I am the latest member of the club. I had my NSV 01/08/09 and was healing fine for the first 10 days, but did feel somethign was not quite right with the left side. Got together with some friends this weekend, played outside with the kids and felt some discomfort. The drive home was almost unbearable. I got home and knew something was wrong as my left side was now the size of a mango. Saw my GP the Monday morning and was told hematoma right away, prescribed antibotics and anti-inflamatories. I do feel somewhat lucky in my misfortune as I am just swollen, not bruised as many previous posters mentioned. From what I have read here, looks like about 5-6 months of recovery, but the big question is will it ever all go away? Also, I was about ready to resume activity in the bedroom and now (believe it or not) it is the furthest thing from my mind, when can that resume? 2-3 weeks?
    My doc has not mentioned anything about hot baths or ice, just take it easy, did these things help?

    If any previous posters have updates on their progress, it would be appreciated as it helps set expectations of recovery.

  49. Bilbo

    My vasectomy was almost 7 months ago (see my previous comments). I am now almost fully recovered.

    What remains of the hematoma is perhaps the size of a raisin and only reminds me of its presence in the form of a vague ache every few days and a sharper twinge every week or two — sometimes left, sometimes right, so it might be lingering discomfort from the vasectomy generally rather than specifically hematoma-caused, a potentially permanent phenomenon my doctor advised can happen, rarely.

  50. Craig

    Hey guys…I had a vestectomy reversal 3 weeks ago and when I removed the bandages 24hrs later to my surprise I looked I was kicked in the nards. I developed a hematoma the size of a lemon on the right side which forced my right testicle to push up against the left one. I was bruised really bad on the left side groin. The pain was unbearable. After 2 weeks I tried to go back to work and lasted 4 hours. Then came back the next week and here I am after climbing a ladder looking for advice as I feel like I got kicked in the nards again. So mind to say I will take another week off. Can anyone tell me how long they have been off work. I have an understandable employer and a great short term disability benefits too. I am looking for advice to make this thing go away quicker also. I take advil.

  51. ChrisM

    Thanks to all who’ve posted. Hearing ‘wait it out’ from the doc wasn’t encouraging considering the pain and discomfort associated with my olive sized hematoma. It’s been 1 week in for me and from the sounds of it, I’m in for at least a few more months. Keep posting progress, please.

  52. CMo

    Sounds like I’m in the boat too guys…make some room!
    Tomorrow AM will be 1 week for my procedure. Day of, and weekend went ok, Monday back to work was reasonable, but then Tuesday began to have more discomfort on Left side. He did have a little more trouble on the left side doing the procedure, so I’m not surprised that it hurts a bit more, but now I’ve got the walnut sized firm mass above the left jewel almost near the base of my rod. Not bad sitting, or standing, but moving from one to another isn’t a barrel of monkeys. I’ve been taking IBuprof. on an off just for a little relief, but looks like I need to get a little more regular on that and start the baths. I’ve put off calling my Doc, but I think I will in the am. Got some really nice bruising along with it. I started reading this column and it made me think of the hematoma I had last summer on my hip from when I crashed my bike on the road. I had a fist sized hematoma (along with some really nice road rash), on the side of my hip. That was June last year, and I can still feel where it was, so I’m working on accepting that this may take a while……sigh…
    Thanks to everyone for sharing.

  53. EOH

    My hemotoma was much the same as I read here, my only question is this: It appears to be more frequent that I was originally lead to believe, is this some sort of V cover up? If the general population knew of this side affect in graphic detail I bet the procedure would not be so common. You don’t see any pictures of a scrotal hematoma when you are sked to sign off on the “slight” risk.
    I’m 15 days into my V recovery, so much for going back to work after three days. I saw the doctor’s three times within the first 7 days, and they were all amazed at the egg plants, black, hard, large and painful. On day 8 I was admitted for surgery, I was opened up and drained of the original hemotoma, but by cutting into the scrotum a second hematoam was guaranteed, and I wasn’t disapointed. It was larger, and more painful than the original. I was admitted to the hospital, three drains were installed, the dressing had to be changed every four hours, and I got an infection to boot. I was in the hospital for 5 days, constant monitoring of vitals, pain meds, IV antibiotics, and a full contingent of sightseeers to see the egg plants. I’m home now, drains have been removed, sweeling has gone down a little, pain is still up there. Hopefully I’ll be able to go into work for four hours a day latter next week.

  54. al

    I had a vasectomy on friday the 13th, go figure. First few days after wasn’t bad. Second week I started having pain on the left side of scrotum sack. I discovered a hard lump inside the scrotum sack. Went back to the Doc, he said evrything was fine, and it would take a couple of month to heel totally. Hurts like hell when I touch it. Taking warm baths. Still alot of pain. I think it would have been easier for the wife to go under the knife. Sucks.

  55. Jim

    Guys, I had mine on 2/27/09, and everything went well. 10 minutes, no pain and I’m out of there. My brother and I went together that day to hold each other’s hands, so we didn’t chicken out. He had no trouble, just a little swelling and bruising.
    I, however, was a different story. Two hours after the surgery I had a painful lump on the left side of my pubic area, and the scrotum swelled to a misshapen baseball. I called the Doc and he said to keep it iced. Next morning, the purple bruising went from my pubic area up to my left hip bone, and then spread across my waistline from left to right hip bone, and even a little past toward my lower back/upper buttocks. After 5 days, I went back to work, but was walking like an old man due to the pain and tenderness. I had trouble walking up and down stairs, putting on socks and pants and getting in the car. After two weeks, the doc said I just had a large blood clot, that would become fibrotic after a few days and then the body would just begin to absorb it. It’s been almost three weeks, and while the majority of pain is gone, the size is still about a baseball, and most bruising has gone. The scrotum looks about the normal color, and the bruising has gravitated down my left leg towards the back of my knee. But it’s fading. My brother laughs at me, since he is fine and I’m a mess. And he went first that day! I’ve noticed that the right side of my scrotum is back to normal, with skin that’s loose. The blood clot is pressing my right teste against the wall and causes some discomfort from the pressure. I’ve stopped icing it at night, and have finished my antibiotic. The doc said to call him if pain comes back or conditions worsen, but I’m not looking forward to months of slow rehab. After fours years of trying, my wife and I finally were accepted into the NYC marathon, and now it looks like I’ll have to defer. What a bitch!

  56. jeff

    I’m glad that I found this page. I feel sort of like a wus, compared to the rest of you guys. I had mine on Friday the 13th, and it went fine. The next 2 days were fine, and to be candid, I probably did more than I should have (out driving around w/the wife and kids, well, she was driving). I was expecting to be fine in a couple of days, but I noticed some swelling, a softer mass, as well as the by now common sounding walnut sized really hard lump. Regarding pain, not so much, a general uncomfortableness. Also, I think that one day of wearing the tighties, they were too tight, and made it feel like I was constantly being tapped in the nuts.

    I’m 2 weeks out, and will see the Dr. on Monday, “for a quick look”. I wouldn’t be worried, except for the fact that this sort of side effect wasn’t advertised. I’ll re-post on Monday, after I get the verdict. Nice to have some other suffers out there to compare notes.

  57. Bilbo

    It has been 9 months since my vasectomy (see my comments above).

    I still have a discernible/palpable left/right difference.

    I still have occasional pain, a dull ache.

  58. Don

    I wish I had found this site before my vasectomy…. but if I had, I wouldn’t have had it done. Had it done on march 29th. I did the usual, 72 hrs of ice, lying flat and lots of vicodin. Had bruising up to about my waist line, swelling to about grapefruit size and now a hematoma about 4 inches around on the left incision. I had two incisions, I don’t know if that is norm or not. My big prob now is the incision where the hematoma is isn’t healing. The other healed fine but the other is still weepy. Doc looked me over and said everything is ok, but it looks like the hematoma is keeping the skin from closing up. And anything I wear sticks to what little scabbing seems to form. Anyone else have similar issues?

  59. Dan M.

    I had my vas one week ago today. Felt hematoma that night. Hurt really bad for a few days especially at night. Now it is the size of an egg. Everyday is better and better already!! Practically no pain. I went to work on Monday, 4/13 and vas was on 4/10. I take maybe two or three advil per day and soak in a warm bath from time to time. The main help has been Jesus. I am believing Him to heal me quickly. I am speaking this into existence. I will recover fully very soon and I’m not talking about months either. I tell you all this because he is a constant help in the time of trouble. Ask Jesus to help you and ask with a sincere heart. God Bless.

  60. Mark

    Had mine done on the April 29th , comfortable for a week , then bang did to much, (gotta take it easy and wear a support), I got complacent thinking I was fine, next I have worse pain than post Op, golf ball size hematoma’s on both testes. Had pain now for 5 days but the pain is easing each day and today they seem smaller I hope. Just taking Ibrufen each day and keeping them well supported.
    I will post soon as I am back to normal

  61. Mark

    Over three weeks now since Op, hematoma’s have reduced to pea size and no pain or ache’s, all equipment is functioning normally again now, just hope it works, cos i aint going back again.

  62. narinder

    Thank god for this site and post. Just had vas yesterday, when i came home i rested in bed and the wife went out with the kids to allow me to rest.After about an hour i went to make a cup of tea,upon my return i could feel my testies filling up to the size of a small tangerine,as i was watching the size was getting bigger and bigger, starting to panic,i called the ambulance, by the time they got to me it was the size of a orange. when i got to the hospital they were the size of a grapefruit.I was really scared, blood was oozing out of my wound at a very slow trickle. Fearing i was going to burst blood all over the hospital or even worse die,i needed help and reasurrance. did i get it, did i f@@@@.The doctor eventually gets round to seeing me some 40 minutes later,and at this time my testies are ever expanding….he walks up to me ,looks at my grapefruit and says youve got hematoma, very rare after vasectomys,your just unlucky mate,go home and take ibuprofen and see you later mate.I was livid .No one explained this could happen to me at the marie stokes clinic , no one even explained how and if it happens what to do.Anyway after a restlness night i lie here in bed still oozing blood at a significant trickle, balls stopped expanding, COULD SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE.I AM SELF EMPLOYED AND NEED TO GET BACK TO WORK AS SOON ASPOSSIBLE,OTHERWISE IM BANKRUPT, WORSE STLL I SAVED UP TO FLY TO ROME ON WEDNESDAY AND THINK ITS HIGHLY UNLIKELY I COULD FLY. ANYWAY IM NOT SHOUTING ANYMORE JUST FUSTRATED.If anyone could give some healing advice please post or email me,many thanks for listening

  63. narinder

    well its saturday morning 48 hours after ,the blood has stopped leaking and is starting to clot. balls have reduced in size by 5%, what i would reccommend is lots of vaseline on balls and wound and cover insertions with melolin pfa dressing. hope to be on the mend ,stll in loads of pain though.

  64. narinder

    sunday morning bood stopped , balls reduced about 2% ice helps, pains tough, feels like i have been punched, walking is difficult, feeling down, going to rome for the final is out of the question,devestated

  65. Bilbo

    narinder — the pain will get probably worse as the blood begins to clot. I was in bed 23.5 hours a day for almost a month eating 6 Lortab a day. See my previous posts above. Almost a year later now, I still have occasional pain.

    That is tragic about your planned Rome trip — note to anyone else considering a vasectomy less than 6 months prior to an important tripe or event — DON’T DO IT.

  66. narinder

    bibo thanks for that, youve just made me feel worse, but that aside i am horrified that we are not made aware of this condition, sleeping is getting harder ,balls firming up now and starting to hurt, would not wish this pain on my worst enemy, will keep updating as i go along

  67. narinder

    tuesday morning , the swelling is down 8% but the groin area is so sore,tender to touch, lots of sudocrem and vaseline, compared to other peoples stories my recovery seems to be going a little bit quicker, hoping to be able to drive on saturday for 1 hour, got to. fingers crossed, will keep all informed, pain has increased

  68. narinder

    feeling better,still sore walking,right side of testies feel normal the left side still hard,but on the whole much better. size of a orange now,thank god

  69. narinder

    well its over of a week now, feeling down, the left side of my testies is very hard right side is soft, yellow jaundise like colouring in my legs. walking is very difficult, time seems to be dragging. only lying down helps.

  70. narinder

    bought a jock strap today, has helped a little,but compared to before it really makes it possible to walk around, testies are firmed up,but definetly reducing down a bit, looks like another 2 weeks until complete recovery,fingers crossed. ice packs and warm baths help. if anybody finds this web page and is in the first stages of scrotal hematoma dont hesitate to email me subject hematoma so i know t is not junk. good luck and hang in there, painkillers and patience and a understanding partner is needed.

  71. Canuck

    Misery loves company, so thought I would pass on my experience so far. Vas on June 26th. Great to know you are not the only one going through this as guys tend not to talk about it. Most of my friends were in and out with no issues (or so they say). I had a good procedure as well, no bruising, little swelling…all seemed great. 5 days later noticed lump above left testicle about the size of a walnut. Started getting worried as finding info on this is hard. Called doctor after a week and he said take advil for a week, should be fine as long as it isn’t getting bigger. 11 days post VAS and hasn’t gotten bigger. Taking advil 3 times a day. Pain is bearable. I find the jock strap/support a life saver. Pain feels liked being kicked in groin and it goes up to lower abdomen. Having support on alleviates much of this. Started warm bathes last night so hoping that will help too….good luck all.

  72. Oliver Jones

    Why did we ever think it was a good idea it mess with a perfectly healthy body? Personally so that I’d have a more relaxed wife (meaning more sex.) The planets don’t align quite as much as I’d like.

    Anyway, IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT!!!!!!!! Hits sofa with frustration.

    NSV day a week ago, all seems to be fine, after 3 days starts getting worse. Just called GP (for free of course, thankfully living in the UK) seems I probably have a haematoma. Unbelievably frustrating. No football, no mountain biking.

    Only way I can get my head round it is by it making me a better person for realising what it’s like to be wheelchair bound.


  73. colossus972

    Day 5 on the island of pain and misery. Thanks to all who have posted. It is very helpful to know I am not alone and probably not gonna die. I had my vas on July 16th. It hurt when the doc did the left side. He told me pain med had not kicked in yet. He gave me more. It was still uncomfortable but hey I expected it not to be fun. Took Friday off and did the rest bit over the weekend. Left testicle turned blackish next day. Thought no biggie hurt alot more than expected. Went to work Monday. Big mistake. Pain got worse. Called the doc office. They sent me to ER. Fun ultrasound. Diagnosis vericocele with scrotal hematoma. Black and bruised. Swollen sac. I can barely walk. This is great just great! So looks like I get some down time by reading just of the posts. Time appears to be the key. Hope everyone heals up and thanks for posting.

  74. seanc

    Hi all, how glad am i to find this site.I had an epidectomy on the 9th June 09 (this was removal of epidiymus).I underwent this operation following ongoing pain in my right testicle ehich was on the epidymus.I went through various ant biotics with no success and after consulation with my urologist (2nd opinio) i went unedr the knife.
    The opertion apperaed to go well and the usual bed rest was followed but approx a week after the op i was working again and felt my testicle swell and dint know waht it was but it caused me chronic pain .I persevreed with it for a couple of weekd asnd rsnmg through to hospital tpo speak to urologist but thye referred me to docs.Docs just said it was swelling and gave me anti biotoics and ant inflammatory.this didnt improve things and i can feel hard rock above my testicle.the pain got worse so in order to see urologist i had to go to A and E who advised it was hematoma( my doctor mised it).

    I was just relived that i was told what it was , i have been given Tramadol to relieve pain and been told to wait and it will reduce(they dont want to oprate as it may cause another one when they remove it) i am now 7 weeks in now and i have good adays and bad days but am trying to manage the treamadola they are very strong and can be addictive.
    It has been good to find this site as it is raeessuring.The main frustraion i am finding is no sport or activity for 7 weeks now and the question i have to all is does anyonw have an idea of how many weekd/months before you can resume astivity, some dayts i think will it ever end? also any recomendations to help reduce it quicker
    All advice welcome??

  75. Ether

    Hi, I am now the newest member of this sad club! Had a vas 9 days ago, under local, 2 cuts. Op went fine and out in 30mins. However, 10 minutes after op I felt a sharp ping. Suffered more pain than expected and after 7 days went back. Urologist confirmed hematoma, not of the disaster grape fruit variety but more like a third testicle. Treatment is tramadol for pain, antibiotic (augmentin BD) to avoid infection and anti-inflam (brufen) for healing. so far, being day 9, pain is manageable but big frustration is no gym, and no sick leave. At least it is a desk job.

    Most helpful hints I found:
    No gym
    Sleep with cushion between knees
    Dont obsess about it
    Dont give daily updates to your wife unless requested to do so 🙂
    Consider yourself unlucky, nobody I know had even the slightest complications with the snip

  76. sactoca

    First of all thanks everyone for sharing.
    I had mine on 8/31/09. Procedure itself no big deal. Did the ice for two days, but not much rest (3 kids under four). the pain has gotten better to the point where i can walk and drive ok. But about day 5 it got worse. Now I have two left testicles (the third one being orange/black). From what I read its no big deal, gonna call DR for some antibiotics and painkillers , and sing “time is on my side”..

  77. bigballer

    you guys think you got it bad lol??? shit i got a story to beat all you.. about….5 months ago.. almost 6… my cute lil 6 year old neice..bless her heart… decided it might be funny to kick her uncle right in the balls like her dear old hag of a mother taught her to do…. it took 2 months to fester up… 1 day i had some sharp pains like getting kicked in the balls again..and again..and again… so i felt and wholy shit my left testicle was the size of a tennis ball… i thought testicle cancer..ran up to the er room…$2800 later i find out i have a hematoma not cancer… i asked the doctor.. hematoma??? like a boxer gets?? he said yes.. from an injury….i thought injury…. then thats when i remembered laying on the ground in severe pain in front of the whole family….so now here it is almost 4 months later…still the size of a baseball…doctors say only time for body to absorb blood… so now supportive underwear is a must… i am just glad no pain after week 1… that was the worst pain ever in my life!!!!!!good luck guys.. hope my bad luck at least made some one laugh today..oh and as far as my cute little neice goes… i am planning a non violent little scare the piss out of her this halloween…and may be the next 30 halloweens….

  78. Art

    I am 4 weeks post Vasectomy today, I had a hematoma which developed about 5 hours after the procedure. My scrotum swelled to nearly the size of a grapefruit. Now it has been 4 weeks and I am still just as swollen and the pain is almost unbearable when standing for more than 3 minutes, I am unable to sit upright in a chair, therefore I am either in bed or reclined in my chair, I had bruising clear around my hips and into the lower part of my stomach which is pretty much gone now. How long is this going to take to clear up? I am unable to work. I have heard that draining the hematoma is not a good idea due to it may cause further trauma but at this point I dont see any other way. What should I do?

  79. Ether

    @ Sactoca – Hi I have had an identical scenario and I can give you some hope, I am now at day 17 after the operation and the hematoma (also a second left nut) and I am basically over it now. The pain stopped about two days ago and the swelling is gone. The hematoma is still there but smaller and not causing any discomfort. Hang in there, it will be over before you know it.

    @ Art – sorry buddy from all the posts consensus is that you are going to have to recline for a few more weeks! You have our sympathy…

    I recall one guy went the draining route and had a second and larger one, and subsequent infection. So that would not be without risk.

  80. Art

    Well I am now 5 weeks yesterday since my Vasectomy, I am still the size of a grapefruit and unable to stand longer than a few minutes…I had another Ultrasound and saw the Dr. My hematoma is “incredibly large” according to the Dr. it is extending clear up into my Inguinal Canal from below my left testicle. And even around the base of my penis. He suggested surgery to clean everything out but I am very leary of it, I guess I am scared I am going to have this happen all over again the day after surgery, he says very unlikely buttttt. I woke up this morning and actually felt like things were begining to “break up” a little, what was once rock hard is now getting a little soft around the edges so maybe finally it is beging to clear, I told the Dr. I want to give it 2 more weeks and see where I am and if I am still in this sad of shape I am going to go for the surger I guess it cant be any worse.
    Thanks for the encouragement and suggestions, me and my heating pad have become best friends.

  81. Chris

    Well here we go. Had my vasectomy on Sept 11th by the conventional method. The surgery went well with no pain or discomfort. The urologist made 1 incision in the middle. 2 Hours after the surgery I started experiencing pain and discomfort. Then I swelled to the normal grapefruit size referred to in the other posts. The doctor prescribed me Percocet for pain, but said Advil would probably work as well. Well not knowing any better at the time, I proceeded to take the Advil which I am sure made my symptoms worse by thinning the blood. I called the doctor and arranged to come to his office for him to examine me. He said I had bleeding and that this would just take time. There was no mention of hematoma. After 3 more days the swelling was about the same on the right side, left side was almost back to normal. Also, I had the extreme bruising from my belly, down my thighs, and penis and scrotum were completely purple. I went to another Urologist for a second opinion who informed me that this was a hematoma that would resolve itself over time. He told me that my body would break it down and eventually re-absorb the blood, and the swelling should be better within 3 weeks. Today is day 10 and they started me on anti-inflammatory drugs (Aleve 220Mg twice a day) and to begin soaking in warm water. I am still experiencing discomfort and have stayed off my feet the entire time. Also wearing the normal scrotal support. As of right now, my hematoma on the right side resembles the size of a lemon. The bruising is starting to go away, but the pain is still there especially if I try to walk, sit upright, or use the toilet. Some of these other posts are really starting to freak me out. I hope and pray that this does not take that long to go away. I am so pissed off and mad that this happened, but I know I can’t change it. The 2nd doctor told me that I could resume sexual activity in 2 weeks from the day of the surgery, but I think that would still be difficult. My right side is one big mass. I can’t even tell where my right testicle is. Do you think that the anti-inflammatory drugs and the hot baths will expedite the healing process? Thanks in advance. Like others have mentioned, I know many guys that have had this very “minor” procedure performed and have had no issues. I am the only one I know that this happened to. Lucky me.

  82. Pandy

    Have to say, this is a welcome site (pun intended)! Had the op two weeks ago yesterday. Couldn’t stop laughing all the way through the procedure. Hysteria methinks! Got the wife to pick me up from outside day surgery unit. Was very tender down there, but no mind-numbing pain. Was told to take it easy for a couple of days. Decided to take the following day off work, just in case. Didn’t do much, pootled around, told the kids to be careful with Daddy! Went to work on Wednesday, walking very gingerly, but surprisingly little pain, considering someone had just hacked my scrotum open, yanked out my vas deferens, cut them, cauterised the ends then tied a bloody knot in them, finally sewing me back up! Wore the surgical support they gave me for 4 days after, as advised, then went back to wearing boxers. Felt OK enough to cycle down to watch the football the following Saturday, but realised it would be foolish to cycle back. A week later and the swelling had all but gone apart from, as people have said here, an extra testicle. I found this after finally feeling comfortable enough to examine myself last Saturday. Immediate thoughts of testicular cancer ruined my week-end until I could get to the Doc’s this morning, who confirmed a hematoma, and prescribed patience. Could take up to 3 months to clear he said. I have now generated sufficient Brownie points with the missus to reinflate the western economy again.
    Will try the warm bath technique too. Thanks for making me feel like not the only person with three nuts!

  83. sean

    I had my VAC friday 10/9/09. About 3 days after my VAC i started to notice the hematoma. I couldent get in touch with my urologist so I went to my primary, who said I’ve got i buildup of blood. It’s pretty painful at times, and is really p$#@ing me off. I was supposed to go back to work on monday, now I gotta use another weeks worth of vacation to rest.

    I finally got a call from my urologist at 10:00 pm on wed. So now he wants to see me, just to tell me what I already know. Also, he didn’t use enough local during my prcedure on the right side, hurt so bad I almost psat out. Then when he want to do theleft side he did the same thing, my nurse ended up yelling at him for it, and told him to give me more. This guy is a freakin quack.

    I just wanted to thank you guys for your stories and helping me realize that these hematomas will eventually dissapate with a lot of time and a little advil and baths.

    I’ll continue to post my recovery.

  84. Feelin' Sac-tastic

    Thanks to all the guys for their input. Helps to know I am not the only one.

    I had my procedure late in the day on Oct. 12th and returned to work the next day. I figured since I had a desk job I could take it easy and there would be no problems. After about 4 days I started having pain that seemed to be “different” from the recovery pain I felt the first 3 days. I also noticed a swelling on the top of my left one that was very painful to the touch and when I stand up.

    I went back to the Doc today and he said I have a hematoma (luckily only the size of a grape at this point) and that it should dissipate over the next few days. He told me to take Advil and use ice when necessary to ease the pain. He did not mention heat/baths but I will give that a shot as well.

    In hindsight I think I probably should have taken the procedure more seriously and taken a full day off of work to recover. Good luck to everyone on continued recovery.

  85. Wesley

    Hello All,

    I had a Vas on Oct 15th, Almost immediately I had a large growth on the right side. I had a little bruising on the left but overall the left was great. On the right i have what was described by my Family Physician as a Hematoma. She stated that the large lump (about the size of a large tangerine) will evenually shrink a little and harden. Then the lump will gradually go away over a few months. I am not very happy with this. I have pain almost constantly, when i bend over sometimes i feel as if something is pulling and it gives a very sharp pain up the right side. I have some tenderness on the lower right pelvic area just to the right of the scrotum. I go back to see my urologist on Wed so i can ask WTF he did lol! Hope all is ok and that the pain subsides soon.

  86. Rich

    Hey Sactastic, curious for an update. I had mine done Oct. 30 and have exactly what you describe happening to me. I agree with you, I think I tended to not take the recovery seriously enough as well.

  87. Rumol Chapman

    Hi, I am really grateful for your comments, My husband just had some severe fitness training for his job and now is in serious pain. He also had a vasectomy done, so I was just looking for some info. Now I see this is an all man site, so I promise this will be the last time I’m on it.

  88. Bob

    I’m grateful for this site.

    Just had my one week post – op checkup for my Vasectomy with the doc today. I told him that the idea of being able to do just about anything physically and even have sex after one week was a bad joke. I told him about all the bruising, pain, and swelling. It’s hard to sit and get back up. Just lying in bed can be uncomfortable in the wrong position. Taking a pee is challenging, and I can’t shake my Winky at the end of the pee because it hurts my left ball to do so. Water in the shower is painful and I have to avoid it or block it to take a shower. No – things are not good.

    To which he said lets see and a quick hand check of the area, which hurt pretty bad.

    Diagnosis – bleeding on the left side. A follow-up appt. 1 month from now that I can cancel if I wish later. Told me to take Advil regularly, and soaks in the tub with warm water. Continue to wear scrotal support as long as it helps. He said if things get worse, to call in and he would have another look see.

    This evening I took my Advil and my warm soak in the tub, and after things settled a bit, I felt the area on the problem left side in detail for the first time – it’s painful, so I didn’t do it before then…

    Wonderful, a lump actually bigger than my left testical – above my lefty and to the back – which makes me all lop-sided on the left. Lots of swelling, and pain.

    I said to myself, “This isn’t right…, What’s wrong with me?” So, I decided to Google and behold – a scrotal hematoma.

    The doc didn’t even tell me the the scientific name while I was there for the checkup.

    I’m a bit relieved now as I was worried of course. And it looks like I have a long road ahead of me. Perhaps months. And that hematoma may not be done growing yet….

    I feel for any man with this condition. I told my wife so she knows what is going on.

  89. Already Bald

    I was diagnosed with testicular cancer at 39 in 2006. Had right orchiectomy, then a Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection (53 nodes). 4 cycles of chemo and I was cured. Two years later I developed an incisional hernia along the scar, had that repaired. Then I developed a hydrocele in the tunica vaginalis of my left testis. (Probably from the trauma from the RPLND.) It was pretty large, and my oncologist wanted it repaired, because I was unable to palpate the organ for possible second primary cancer.
    So I decided to also have vasectomy while under, (I’m 43 with 2 beautiful children, no more for us please..)

    The hydrocelectomy/vasectomy was on 11/25/09. I’ve had an awful recovery- I now have a 128cc’s of fluid in my scrotum, with septations.
    I’ve had two ultrasounds after the procedure, and two post op visits with the urology practice. I’m 19 days out, and the hematomas seemed to have stoped growing, but still very soar and heavy. I go back to urology on 12/21/09 for another post-op, although I want this thing fixed I really don’t want another surgery.

    How long does the fluid take to be re-absorbed? When is it safe to start taking aspirin or such to help thin blood?
    Thanks guys, I am very active in a Testicular Cancer Forum- and I know how valuable your comments can be.

  90. Harp464

    I am very thankful for this site as well. It’s great not to feel alone in this. Thanks to all of you for posting! Thank you for giving me hope.

    I had my V on December 17, 4PM. Scrotum swelled up to about the size of a grapefruit and slowly started to reduce after 3-4 days. Doctor prescribed an antibiotic, 600mg ibuprofen 3x per day and Tylenol 3 800mg with Codine (if I needed it). I tried the Tylenol the first night but it made me sick and the pain was not that bad, anyway. Took the ibuprofen religiously because it really helped reduce the swelling. I had lots of bruising. My entire scrotum and 95% of my penis was purple. I also had some bruising going up diagonally to my hips although nothing like on my ‘Johnson’.

    11 days after the procedure, my right side was almost totally normal, entry sites were just tiny scabs, bruising is almost all gone, and it was pretty evident to me something was wrong on the left side. After reading this site, I was pretty sure it was a hematoma. No discoloration even in the area of the hematoma (must be under the skin layer?) Wonder why the possible hematoma was not mentioned in the literature?

    Today, 13 days after the V, I just got back from my Urologist. Almost all bruising is gone. They performed an ultrasound and indicated that I have a hematoma. It is above my left testicle and about 3x the size of it. It is not painful other than the fact that the skin of my scrotum rubs on parts of my body that it shouldn’t and it gets a little sensitive there. I can push on it w/o pain. It seems to be firming up. Doctor said it may or may not clear up by itself (?!!?). WTF.

    Since I am, for all practical purposes, losing my health insurance on Jan1 (I will pay 100% up to $4000) , I asked the Doc. about removing the hematoma. He offered to do it tomorrow so I could have my current insurance pay but he indicated I would go under general anesthesia to have it done. I am leery about going under the knife if this could clear up on it’s own…especially since I have very little pain at all. I will wait it out. If I could do it with local anesthetic and could just do it in his office, I might have considered it given how much lighter my wallet will be if I have to pay for it next year.

    What a depressing situation. I was told these procedures were basically a no-brainer. Glad I didn’t do too much research on this beforehand because I probably would not have done it.

    Hoping the best for me and ALL of YOU guys… Keep posting updates and I will do the same!!

  91. simon

    Hi guys,

    Had a correction to a Vasectomy (tube didnt heal)and removal of Hydrocele last week and have unfortunately ended up with the worse case horror story “grapefruit” size Hematoma (strange that my GP used this reference!). I dont know if anyone with this problem is still updating, but any other hints and tips to rid of this sooner?

    I dont think mentally I can cope with this in 4 months time. Most bruising has gone already but Ive already spent 2 days in hospital being pumped with anti biotics to prevent infection, with all doctors assuming there is no further surgery, and I have developed the most ridiculous walk to stop my balls slapping my thighs with each step. only pain is the swelling pulling on my testicles almost like a church bell, although supports help, they are clotting my member. Its a mess!!

    Not sure how i havent overdosed on the prescibed pain killers and antibiotics, but the fact that im as high as a kite at the moment helps me laugh this off for now. Any suggestions more than recommended. Thought the wife would appreciate a couple of months without sex, but even she is worried!

  92. Lee DeFalco

    Thanks for everyone’s response this is way better than talking to my doctor. I had my vasecomy 12 days ago. At day 6 my hematoma arrived on left side and hurt really bad. It has gotten a little better but I have really red skin on my scrotum around where the hematoma is and it kind of burns ( feels like really bad chaffing) anyone else have this. also can you have intercourse with hematoma this early????

  93. Martin

    Hi all had a vasectomy last Thursday, came hoem that evening and testicles swelled up, eneded up back in hospital for two night stay where I got diagnosed Hematoma, swelling has now dropped off a bit, black and blue but have this mass lump at the bottom of my left testicle which feels like a 3rd testicle which I assume is the hematoma and will be absorbed into my body over time. I am still prone to lower abdomen pain when standing quickly or removing the support, however I am positive that this will soon pass and I will be ok to go skiing in 3 weeks time. What does bother me though is the precentage rates that these happen, basically my surgeon was involved in a minor car crash the day of my operation and therefore didn’t make it to hospital hence the junior doctor carried out the procedure. I expected to small cut’s on each testicle however what I got was 3/4″ cut down the front much more severe than what I imagined, also from the 3 procedures he carried out 2 of us got a hematoma which if you read the stats is well over the <0.5-2% rate this happens in fact at 66% on the day it is shocking. Not sure whether I can challenge the hospital? Any advice would be great


  94. Josh

    had my orchiectomy on 12/28/09. was originally supposed to be a hydrocelectomy but they found a tumor and removed the testicle right then and there. its now 2 weeks later and i have developed a hematoma the size of an orange where my testicle was removed. i noticed that hematoma has happened to many people on this board. is there anything that you have done to help relieve the pain or speed up the recovery. my doc said this might go away in a month to 6 months. not much pain when sitting but when standing for more than a few minutes it gets worse. these 2 weeks have been bad, i can’t imagine doing this for 6 more months. if you have heard anything to help this along please respond. as you know, this is not fun

  95. Kick back

    Hey Guys,
    I had a vasectomy 10 years ago and I my manberries swoll up like a softball. They went down after about 3 weeks to a size that was more manageable. Tight underwear seemed to help because gravity was not on my side.
    Recently on February 10th I was struck in the left testicle from a piece of wood flying from my table saw. Now I have a hematoma on that side that is huge. Apparently it grew until it ran out of space and then clogged itself. It is getting hard and although it is uncomfortably big it doesn’t hurt. I am going to wear tight underwear and cinch it up like Urkel and hope for the best. I’ll try to keep you posted.

  96. Josh

    been a while since repost. the day after my last post i went in and an infection of the hematoma was found. if you are sqeemish, dont read the rest of this. my urologist started to squeeze my sac to try to get some of the old blood out of me. well he squeezed a little too hard and tore my incision open. so there i was laying of the little table with my sac split in 2. emergency surgery followed to drain the rest of the hematoma and clean everything else up. i had to spend the weekend in the hospital with a penrose drain in my sac to drain out any blood that might turn into a hematoma. left the hospital valentine’s day with everything looking good.
    a few days later, another hematoma appeared. this one not as large and not as painful. no new surgeries needed, just a wait and see approach. it looks like i am finally healing right.
    I had my first surgery on 1/28/10 for a hydrocele correction that turned into a tumor removal/orchiectomy. It is now 5 weeks later. my incisions are healing up nicely, the pain is pretty much gone, my hematoma is just smaller than an egg (larger than an orange after 1st surgery) and everything is returning to normal.
    I’ve been told that any scrotal surgery comes with these risks. I know that I will NEVER get a vasectomy due to the complications I had during this surgery. Good luck to everyone who stumbles on this website in search of help with this problem. Just rest, use plenty of ice and know that the end will come. I’m into week 5 and i’m still not done but I can see the end!!!

  97. Vaid

    I had a very painful hematoma after the surgery. 14 days post-op I have a hard golf ball sized lump that stretches from my lower abdomen to my scrotum. It has been hard just getting around the house until now with a sensation like the worst pulled muscle I’ve ever had. Some of the tenderness is starting to subside, but I now have a sharp pinching sensation even while at rest. The nurse just told me to give it a month and get back to her. Looks like it’s going to be a bit longer than that from what I’m reading here. That sucks, but I look at it this way. As long as it eventually heals on its own, I’m happy. A real complication is one that requires more surgery. While difficult and painful, this isn’t a complication, it’s just a distraction.

    Four more months, here I come! 😛

  98. Drew

    Had my vasectomy 4/2/10 (friday). I probably knew this was gonna be a far from easy procedure. What I was told was a 15-30min procedure turned into about 1.5hrs. I imagine the length of the procedure had something to do with me being unaffected by the lidocaine they gave me as a local. Actually 3x, which still had very little effect on me, so I pretty much felt 95% of the procedure, cutting, pulling, pushing, cauterizing and even the stitches after. I imagine my tensing up made locating the tube rather difficult most of the time.

    So I made it out of that alive and for 2 days thought the abnormal swelling and bruising was due to the procedure being a bit more difficult. All seemed normal, I noticed the swelling going down a tiny bit and the pain subsiding enough to where the pain was a mere inconvenience sunday. Then Monday it was right back to where it was the day after. I also noticed that the right side of my sack had this hard egg shaped “thing”. I guess it would make sense seeing how thats the side thats black and blue and still swollen while the other side is pretty much back to normal.

    I figure from what ive been reading here that its a hematoma, i’ll give the dr a call tomorrow and see what he says. Im glad to hear its not life threatening, but also worried that i’ll have this oddly shaped sack dangling for an unknown amount of time. I guess sometimes life gives you lemons and other times just half of one.

  99. Travis

    Had a hydrocelectomy operation done a little over a year ago, I was in the recovery room feeling ok, not to bad after the surgery, after drinking some water and eating a little bit, i got up to go make sure my bladder was alive so i could go home, while i was walking i started feeling liquid draining, i sat down and and looked and everything was swelling, I called the nurse luckly did not pass out which i definetly felt i was on the verge of doing but i held it together and ended up staying to nights in the hospital with a sack the size of a pumpkin, inner thighs all swelled, penis the size of a baseball bat :). Anyway afterwards i indeed had a hematoma, it took 6 to 9 months to get close to normal, however my testicle is still larger then my other is ,its harder and it doesnt hang down like the other either, its tight feeling and sensitive. Anyone have anything similar? Im sure scar tissue is part of the effect, but im just curious if on top of that my hematoma is still not completly gone or what and why its not hanging as low as the other.

  100. John

    Just had a vasectomy on the 15th of this month, same as all of you guys here I’m a suffering from extreme pain in my testicles as if I was kicked by a clydesdale in my scrotum. Well 2 days after my surgery my wife had to drive me to the hospital because my testicles were the size of baseballs. Well they did a ultrasound and come to find out I developt a blood clot ( “hematoma” ) which they don’t know exactly how long its going to take to go away. I follow up with the Urologist today and it seems all he did was apologize the whole entire time and tell me that I could was waith it out. I am in so much pain is ridiculous, morphine at the hospital did absolutly nothing at all. They game another narcotic that is atleast 10 times stronger than morphine and that did nothing, every time I walk it feels as if my insides were been ripped apart from my body. I’m taking 2 weeks off from work and hopping that the pain subsides. Other than just wait doctors told me that they will not cut me up to get the “hematoma” out because of the risk of infection. So here’s the summary; went to the doctor to make sure that I could get my wife pregnant anymore but came home with my balls the size of baseballs and a big extra large lump in the middle of my sack, plus pain that can’t be controlled for shit, I would say that this experience was not worth it at all. I wish I would of read first and then made my decision to go with the surgery which would of never happend. Now I’m pissed off, with pain, and with giant balls.

  101. BB

    I had mine done on the 21st of April. the first few hours were not too bad. That night there was already pretty bad bruising well my whole sac, penis and pubic area. The next day there was a nut size hematoma on my left side and was about the size of a grapefruit. Like most people followed up with the doc told the same thing wait and motrin which i cant take due to a bad stomach ulcer. Still having very bad pain. The cut on the right side never healed and is oozing alot, but not any blood. I am having alot of pain like in my hips in addition to the rest of the getting kicked in the balls pain of course. Has anyone had this before (the pain in the hips and back) or what? Seeing the doc to discuss the draining of this or dealing with the pain since he is so damn stingie with the pain meds and stopped them @ 20 # 5 lortabs check back THANKS

  102. don blu balls

    I had my vas friday may 7th. I was informed about the small chance of hematoma beforehand by the doctor. I think he did a good job at making the statistics higher. The surgery lasted about an hour. He was constantly pulling down on my nuts, made a comment that they were slippery suckers. Even with novacane, I was ready to crawl out of my skin. He started with the rt side and it took way longer than the left side. He told me that I was stupid for not having my wife tie her tubes and He himself would never have a vas surgery. Too bad because I would gladly perform it on him for no fee. Due to the fact that I was nervous, It was his job to try an pull my nuts out of my sac, and if I couldn’t handle it, he would not continue with the surgery. Dumb as I was, I delt with the pain and practically swallowed my tounge. Doc had two incisions on my sac and in the end He glued my nut sac back together. I left the hospital, being numb from the anesethic, only to get home and be in major pain within an hour. I laid on the couch with my ice sac and I did nothing else except mourn in pain ; trying to follow doctors orders. I went to the bathroom within a couple of hours from the surgery to find that out that I had a huge red grapefruit nut sac and I was swelled up to my waste. I could barely perform bathroom procedures. I took advil that night and eventually started sleeping after an intense case of sweats and unbearable pain. Day 2, I awoke in less pain but I could not take it very long on my feet; going to the bathroom was pushing it. I now have a black and blue grapefruit sac with the right side being even bigger. I have continued to keep ice on it and take advil. Nothing seems to help in reducing the swelling but it hurts more if I don’t keep up the ice and it appears to swell more intense if I do not keep the ice on it. I took a hot shower before the end of day 2 in which I felt the rain drops in a whole differently painful way and the pain seems to increase with the heat. Day 3 has not changed much. I thought I could get up and walk it off only to find out that does not work. Back to lying down with ice pacs and still taking advil. It is currently day 4 and I am missing work that I did not plan on missing due to the fact that I self Imployed and on cement all day which I know cannot take because I still can’t take standing for a long period of time. Lying down , iceing, and advil in moderation seems to be the only things helping me. I have been drinking alot of fluids in which I believe might be helping some. My urine has went from a obnoxious odor to where its back to normal, and I am feeling better. If it was not for this website, I would of went back to the doctor in which I’m sure he would try to hurt me again; let me guess, he’s gonna grab my nuts and pull on them. I am going to wait it out , thanks to all of the advice on this website. It really does help to hear the stories of other victims. Hopefully time and good behavior will get me back to normal

  103. lee

    hi ppl been off work a week docs given me 1mth sick note had op 30/6/10 worst thing i eva done pain is unreal !!!!! had mine done by gp in local surgery but no1 gave option to go to specialist nerosurgan point is i was under informed my options.and i told this could happen but it was only mentioned i dont think enough enfasis was put on risks and after care,reading some storys on here no1 had heard of scrotal hematomas and wot you can do to treat them or how lng they last. i got this for atleast 6myhs its size of an egg on my rigth testis and painfull most of pain in my groin area is if been kicked down below which is the nerves hope that gos quick. been searchin net for cple hrs now this site realy only thing i found can relate to thanks for posting pictures at start and posting your experiances it does help abit seeing and reading. other people experiances and conferms wot docs are saying becouse it scary painfull miserable. dont think i eva been this bord i my life!!! if your looking into having this op DONT DO IT. thanks lee

  104. Michael C

    I had a Vas two months ago. The doctor started with an incision on to the right of my scrotum and had a go at the right hand tube; this was apparently quite easy. We then moved onto the left hand one; not so easy. Pulling, pushing, rummaging around as if he was looking for something that had fallen behind the back of a sofa. Surgery nurse commented afterwards that I might be sore, especially on the left hand side. She wasn’t wrong there. Also told me that I needed to have a sperm test done in 3 months time and therefore needed to ejaculate at least 30 times. It would have been challenging at best, given that I am married and have kids ;-), but what subsequently happened is that my balls then swelled to the size of a large pomegranate. Very uncomfortable and the 30 ejaculation target still has some way to go. Took some Ibuprofen and Oramorph after the procedure. Still chomping down ibuprofen. Pain ok, balls not. It eventually became apparent that I have a large hematoma on my left testis – which is now stabilized, but is the size of a lemon. Have seen crappy consultant who was broadly uninterested, gave my crown jewels a hard squeeze (“ooh, sorry Sir, did that hurt?” No, you a**hole, I just love having that done). Prognosis is that it will get better, but it will take a while. The junior doctor that I subsequently saw on a follow-up visit told me (having asked him), that it would take anything up to 18 months (yes, eighteen months) for the hematoma to finally go. They could operate, but seem to suggest that this is risky at best and unlikely to be 100% successful – so, looks like I will have to wait it out. As a contraceptive procedure the Vas has proved remarkably efficient I suppose given that intercourse, with a small citrus fruit wedged in your scrotum, is hardly conducive to one’s confidence and libido. If you do have the procedure done, put your feet up for at least 3 days; take plenty of non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (Ibuprofen); pack your balls in ice and don’t move around too much. Drink heavily if it all goes wrong. So cheers. All the best. MC

  105. three ball

    I had my Vas on August 20. During the procedure, the Dr couldn’t seem to get my left side numb. After a few injections of pain meds, I told him to just go ahead and get in over with. Right side went very smoothly and free of pain. The nurses commented to the recovery nurse that “we” had a little trouble witht the left side. Went back to work on the following Monday and work through lunch on Thursday of that week. I was miserable. Went to see the Dr and he advised that I have a hematoma (yes, he sqeezed my nuts). The hematoma seemed to migrate from near the base of my penis and came to rest on top of my left testical (and about the same size as my testical). As of September 1, the pain has all but gone away, although I’ve not gone back to work since the discovery of the hematoma. I’m palnning on the recovery lasting about 6 months, thanks to this site. I had discussed removing the hematoma with my Dr and left it up to me. As temted as I was, after reading some of the advice on this site, I’ve decided to try and wait it out. I believe I’m pretty lucky compared to some of you guys. I only have a few questions. When can I resume normal sexual relations and when can I start working out again? I lift heavy and don’t do much running or cardio right now. any advice?

  106. Michael C

    I re-started “live firing” about six weeks after the op; I guess it depends on how you feel – take it easy and see how it goes. On the gym side, I’m working out upper body, no cardio (i.e. running) – I go swimming instead which the doctor said would be absolutely fine. I’d be inclined to leave it a full month before going to the gym, especially as you have had some issues.

  107. wifey

    Thanks to all of you for the posts. My husband went in for his vasectomy 2 weeks ago…he took it pretty easy for 4 days and returned to work on restricted duties. Right after the procedure he said that the right side felt way different than the left. 3 days later most of the swelling was gone, but he had a ball the size of a ping pong ball on the right side that he said was very painful. He continued to go to work, when he came home he would be in pain but then he would lay down and put warm compresses on it and that seemed to make it much better. He also has been taking ibprofen with it. I will definetly have him read this because he is very concerned that he has a much worse problem. Of course the doctors are unconcerned and I had to even call and get kind of nasty with them in order to get an appointment. I think that this is more common than they make it seem. In fact nothing was ever mentioned to us about it before the procedure. we were both under the impression that he would be fine and pain free several days later. I am so happy that I found this….at least we know what to look forward to!

  108. Marc

    Boy, am I glad I found this site. I must be the latest member of the club. I had my vasectomy (right side) and epididymectomy (left side) on Oct 4th, and 4 days later at lunch time, I was talking to my wife when I had a sharp pain in my right testicle (where i had the vasectomy). An hour later my scrotum looked very swollen. Went to the ER but they just told me how common this was after a vas and told me to go home, rest, and continue my antibiotics and pain meds. On Monday I saw my urologist. Didn’t say anything about a hematoma, but I am pretty sure that’s what I have. Told me to take a warm bath twice a day, rest, and prescribed more antibiotics. It’s painful for me to get up and walk, my scrotum is swollen to about 3 times it’s normal size, and looks blue and purple. My doctor did’t say anything about ibuprofen or aspirin. I have another appointment to see him next Tuesday. Luckily, I am a University professor, teaching just online classes until Christmas. Hopefully by January I will be ok to return to work (hopefully before then). One question I have, is how long does it take for the pain to become bearable. My job is mostly an office job, but I have a 5 minute walk after parking my car. I’m wondering when I can return to work because I have an important deadline in mid November.

    I will try and post weekly updates as well.

  109. Frustrated

    This site has been extremely helpful. I have learned more from this site than from my doctor and multiple nurses. (And I am a proactive consumer.)

    Everything I heard previously was that this was a minor out-patient procedure. The initial consultation focused entirely on my decision to have the procedure (Are you sure you don’t want anymore children?). Like many of you, I was NOT told of the possible complications or what to expect if I did have complications. The one thing I was told about recovery: If you have a desk job, then you can go to work the next day. As a result, I figured I was in for smooth sailing after a couple of days. Trickery! Trickery! Trickery!

    The actual procedure was low key. Procedure took about 30-40 minutes. I was totally surprised when my scrotum was swollen to the size of a large grapefruit and 90 percent was a dark purple for the first several days. Pain and discomfort were UNBEARABLE. Discoloration and bruising extended to groin and across pelvis to my left hip. As the swelling went down on about day six, I self-diagnosed that I had developed a hematoma on my left side. At first the hematoma was about the size of a walnut, then the size of a large lemon. The bleeding extended from my scrotum into my pelvis.

    I went in for a follow-up about a week after the procedure. I have a fairly high tolerance for pain, and I was crying in the examination room. Response? No doctor came to see me, just a nurse. Told not to worry, as it would take care of itself and go away in 1-4 weeks. Take some ibuprofin for the pain.

    Much of the pain has subsided, but the discomfort and uncertainty are still problems. I am really disappointed in the medical service I received from Group Health. While a medical team can’t control everything, they should be able to provide better information about the procedure and the risks. If I had understood that these complications were a possibility, I would not have had it done. My wife just about vomited at the site of my scrotum and I feel horrible (physically and mentally). I am now facing a long, multi-month recovery to allow the hematoma to “go away on its own”.

    My advice… don’t get a vasectomy unless you think about these points that are not on the one-pager they give you at the clinic:

    1. Can I take a MINIMUM one week off of work to rest on my back in bed after I have the surgery? Can I take more time off of work, 1-2 months, when there are complications? Can I work from home?

    2. Can you handle being useless and out of commission for an extended period of time? (i.e. if there are complications, can you put your life on hold for a month or longer?)

    3. Understand that you may NOT lift, carry, wrestle with, or give bear hugs to your kids for over a month. If you do, then you risk hematoma.

    4. Make sure your wife understands what is at risk and what is going on throughout. (I got my vasectomy for her, because I wanted to be a team player.)

    5. If you decide to do it, then talk with your doctor extensively to make sure he/she is a serious pro with lots of experience. Be a proactive consumer.

    6. Make no travel plans for 3 months. No exceptions.

    7. Prepare yourself mentally. The literature/handouts I found in my research does not accurately reflect the number of cases that experience complications, and no literature explains the possible cases as described on this website.

  110. Marc

    From what I have read, my hematoma is not as bad as some people have described. I had my vas on Oct 4th. On Oct 8th I developed a hematoma. Mt scrotum was swollen, and very bruised. Went to the doctor on Oct 11th, who prodded and squeezed my balls, and gave me more antibiotics. Left in more pain compared to when I arrived. On Oct 14th I started to notice an improvement. Going from a lying to a standing position is no longer painful, but it is still painful to take more than just a few steps. It’s now Oct 16th and I feel a little better again. Brusing looks a lot better. I now just have a little bruising at the base of the penis and a little bruising on the right side of my scrotum, which is where most of the pain is coming from. Going back to the doctor again on Tuesday Oct 19th, so I am sure he will make things worse when he decides to squeeze my balls. I will post another update after my visit to the doctor.

  111. Philip


    Hey guys, same deal, scrotal haematoma and EXTREME amount of pain. I definitely would have thought long and hard about having a vasectomy if I knew that I’d be in this much pain for so long!

    However I have found two things that have really helped with the pain. Firstly I have been using 100mg voltaren suppositories which have made a huge difference. Tablets are OK but I haven’t found anything that treats the local area better than the suppositories. Where previously I haven’t been able to get out of bed, I’m able to walk around virtually pain free, just an awareness that the problem is there… Which is probably a good thing otherwise I’d be tempted to do too much.

    The other thing I’ve been doing to help with the external skin irritation that can occur where the scrotal sac gets red, inflamed, weepy and flakey. I have taken regular 20 minute warm baths with a few caps of tea tree oil and a couple of handfuls of salt. Seems to have really helped with cleaning up the irritation.

    Anyway hope this helps – best of luck and I feel your pain!!


  112. scott

    HI guys.. went for the vasectamy monday 14th jan. after leaving hospital about 30 mins later had a sharp shooting pain, checked to see if all was ok and found my left testy had enlarged quite a lot, phoned n.h.s direct who said it was an absolute emergency and to get to the a&e asap so in a panic i went and on inspection the doctor said i had a very large hematoma (about the size of a large grapefruit) on my lefthand side, the pain was like nothing i had ever felt before, he then sent me to mt surgen who had done the op who confirmed what it was,he said all i could do was take painkillers and go to bed for a week or so. so i did and the pain was still quite dramatic.
    it has now been 8 days since the op it is still the size of a large orange the pain has now started to ease, i have try to stay off my feet for atleast another week…

    iam also wearing three pairs of tight pants which seems to help alot…(gravity notmy friend at the moment)
    i also got very constapated as i could not strain to do anything
    HOPeFULLY iam over the worst of the pain and the doc says it will take months for it to go away altogether but i should be back in work in about 2/3 weeks from now,,,,,

    i ahve also been taking medicine to get bowels moving hope this works as not been to empty for 8 days now,,,,

    good luck to all who have this oh yes one more thing GUYS DONT FORGET TO MILK IT FOR ALL YOU CAN GET AFTERAL WE DID NOT HAVE TO DO THIS,

    WE DID IT FOR YOU NO WHO,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    will keep you upto date on further developments…….

  113. DAY 0

    I had the procedure done on “day 0” everything seemed ok…. on “day 8” I noticed a 3rd nut basically… one of my testies had a twin… went to doc on “day 12” because it wasnt going away… he gave me more anti biotics and a strong antiinflamatory…
    today is “day 15” and I am still in mild pain. I’m waiting it out and taking the meds… just iced my balls and it felt good. Seems to be getting a little bigger but nothing like some of these guys stories. ouch!
    I will keep you updated

  114. Trev

    Thanks for all the information everyone because the doctor does not seem to be to concerned. How do i know if i have a hemotoma or sprem granular, my lump is almost testical size on left side above testical. I had the vasectomy done on 28/1/11. It has been very painfull and has only been helped by antibiotics. I have made improvement from swelling but lump stays the same.

  115. Dan in Pain

    I’m the newest member to club and not to happy about it. Although finding out that this is a minor setback in the grand scheme of things helps. Similar story to most Had a NSV done last Thursday the 24th of February.

    Felt great after the doc knocked me out and was in and out in 1/2 hour. About 2 hours out had melon balls. I iced them over weekend and just rested. Forced myself out to work @ the beginning of week. I own my own construction business so it was pretty bad. Went home early on Wednesday as the pain was becoming unbearable to the point I needed to bite my hand to keep from crying… I have been in some pain before ranging from major cuts, falls and even severing my own finger in a construction accident at age 16. This is definitely up there with the pain factor. I went to doctor today and got diagnosed with the scrotal haematoma which @ this point I already new. He said it will resolve itself in a month or so. He offered no explanation or sympathy….just the usual take some pain meds and get lost….

    I definitely would have given it some more thought if I knew this was in store….

    I called a buddy who’s brother is a urologist in another state for some consul and he said this is pretty common if you don’t rest for about a 1-2 weeks after the surgery. I just wished this was disclosed to me rather than the 3 days and you’ll be out dancing bull sh-t.

    Now there is not much left to do but lay down and pass time. I am glad I found this site as it offers me some hope in a time when I needed it and I know I’m not alone…

    Hey if anyone can post after about positive results if so that would be great.

  116. Adam

    This website has offered some comfort to my discomfort. I had the vasecotmy on February 18 while I was having a hernia repaired. I experienced extreme swelling and bruising on both incision sites. My follow up appointment was one week later on February 25. I asked the doctor if i could take a bath at that time and he informed me I could. I took a bath the next morning and my vasectomy began bleeding for the first time. Eleven days have passed since my bath, and the bleeding has not let up at all. I have to change the dressing over the vasectomy about 5 times a day. After calling the doctor twice, he finally agreed to see me again. He informed me that I had a hematoma, which I already new. He also said to let the blood continue draining until it stopped naturally.

    My left testical is still the size of an apple, but that is the least of my worries. I am tired of the continued bleeding. My doctor assured me it would stop on its own, but it hasn’t subsided in 11 days. Is there anything I can do to stop the bleeding? Has anyone else experienced the same problems.

  117. Dan in pain

    My last post was 10 days ago and I’m happy to say the pain has reduced significantly. The swelling and discomfort is still there but i am able to return to work and can sit down and drive without wanting to pass out. I hope my recovery keeps going at this rate as i would love to be able to return to the gym soon. The clot seems to loosen then harden @ certain times but i guess this is part of the process and I am just trying to be patient as possible.

    Adam-I have a similar situation with the incision not healed yet and my doctor said the same thing. He said it was good for the blood clot to drain out and it would close in time. I also have to change the dressing a couple of times a day. I have noticed the incision is getting smaller by the day and the bleeding is lessening also. The only worry is not to let it get infected. I’m on a cycle of Amoxocylin for this.

  118. George

    I also have been squeezing blood from my hematoma for the past two days. My question is, if I squeeze the blood out, will more blood just take its place? It seems like an easy solution but I don’t want to prolong the problem.

  119. George

    Chad, how large was your hematoma starting off? I have one that is currently about the size of a walnut and am wondering how long this may take to go away. I’ve had it for two weeks now. Thanks.

  120. Dominic

    I had vasectomy 0n 12 Feb 2011. I had huge swelling after a couple of days and the pain was terrible. I could barlely walk for about 2 weeks. Used loads of ice for relief and to keep down the swelling. Wearing the ‘speedos’ does help when you get back on your feet. Took anti-inflam for about 4 weeks after.
    Now almost 3 months on, I still have what seems like a third testicle, but it seems to be getting gradually smaller, but very very very slowly. The good thing is that I dont have any pain now and most important I wont be able to have any more kids. I have done my part for mankind and would need a lottery win if I did not go for the ‘snip’.
    I’m hoping that over time the ‘extra testicle’ will dissapear.

  121. Michael C

    Update to 25 August and 3 September 2010…Return of the Jedi

    Okay, so here we are 10 months later after the op (end of June 2010). I am pleased to say that despite having a hematoma that measured 8cm x5cm x4cm (in July 2010) I am now virtually back to normal. I had scan at the start of February (2011) and the clot had shrunk to around 2.5cm x2.0cm x1.5cm – It’s gotten smaller ever since and I would suspect it’s now the size of a small cherry as opposed to the kiwi fruit that it once was.

    So, I guess the good news is that the clot will disappear of its own accord; our our sex life has improved 😉 and I had some stories to tell around the dinner party table for a while…..and still will have for the rest of my life.

    Thanks to whomever set up this site; it is a godsend and frankly, this web address should be given out to every guy should they have complications. I’m not sure it would make good pre-op reading though……Good luck gentlemen!


  122. George

    Has anyone here decided to excercise with an existing hematoma? My doctor has advised me not to. My hematoma is currently shrunken to about the size of a grape. Just wondering if weight lifting and cardio excercise will make the situation worse. Thanks!

  123. Dan in pain(ok now)

    Hi All,

    Just wanted to update and give hope to all those who need to walk this path. I’m about 3 months since the surgery and besides the occasional soreness I feel great. The hematoma is the size of a grape or so. It seems to get smaller by the week and really does not have any affect on my daily routines. I have been back to the gym and work full blast with no side affects. I’m a kick boxer so the work outs are tough and glad to say its great to go back. Also everything in the bedroom is in tact and actually i think the big bang @ the end is even better and more. At the end of the day I do think the surgery was a success and worth it. For those of those to read this and in a bad way just be patient relax and play a lot of video games while you can’t move. It will get better.

    Good Luck

    Dan in no more pain.

  124. Kelly

    Really glad to find this group. Went under the knife on may 12th for a reversal. may 13 th the doc checked me out all was well. About an hour later the pain and swelling was OMFG !! Grapefruit size in a few hours. Now 1 week later flat on my back most of the time. Ice packs and rest. Walking is almost unbearable. I am using some herbal mud packs 4-5 times a day,which reduce the pain and inflammation for a few hours. Rest and mud pack again. Sunshine a lots of fluid to drink.Have an acupuncturist coming tomorrow. Doc says ride it out. It’s on my right side about the size of an egg. Bruising from pubic bone all the way down mid what a ride. This is definitely an initiation to some sort of secret warriors club.

  125. sainaa

    Hi Kelly,
    How r u doing now? My husband had a reversel May 9th and he had developed hematoma. It has been two and a half weeks and he is still in so much pain. It seems like he stopped bleeding because the swelling is not getting worse.
    Are you still in lot of pain? My husband’s doc said that if he still hurts by tomorrow he wants to drain it, but we are not sure if that is such a good idea.
    Thanks, please let me know. Did your doc give you any idea when the pain stops?

  126. George

    I had one drained and then developed one even bigger from the incision. Actually, mine was “removed.” If I could go back I would have just let it dissolve on its own. Still waiting for the second one to go away.

  127. Kelly

    Hi sainaa

    It’s steadily getting better. I have had 4 acupuncture treatments. Each treatment helps a bit with the pain and the hematoma started bleeding out of the incision site. The doctor says better out than in. I change the dressing several times a day. I have consulted with several urologists and two Chinese herbalists. I am taking massive amounts of herbal supplements and enzymes to promote healing. My favorite company for products is called Premire research labs. They have several different products to help circulation. It’s all about circulation. The better the circulation the faster the blood clot will melt. As I said mine is draining on it’s own and i am not sure what it would be like to have it drained by the doc. Let me know how that goes. The same company makes a product called medi magma. A blend of clay powders that you mix with water and apply as a paste. It has a drawing quality that helps with inflammation and circulation. I can now be on my feet several hours a day. I own my own business and I will work a few hours then rest a few hours. At thus point it a function of time. It is improving and certainly testing my patience.

  128. chris

    I got a vasectomy on the 27 of may, by the evening of that day I was in Emergency with my scotom as big as a yam and black. Released and back in Saturday evening until sunday afternoon. I am black from my sack, penis and left side of my hip. I am so sore I can’t walk but a few feet at a time. I saw my surgeon and he said these things happen and was sorry. but what the frick, I will be on my back of weeks, its been 7 days since my operation and can’t walk or for that matter do much of anything. I am sooooo very mad. ITs so painful to walk, stand or do anything……………….

    Doctor says it may be 8 weeks until I am better…………….8 Fucken weeks..

    I am so pissed off…

  129. Chads Story


    Soo sorry to hear about your medical issues. I went back to work after 5 days but the only way I could have done that was by having a sit down desk job and to sit at a lean. If I had to stand or do much activity, or sit straight up would have been too painful. Probably 3 weeks minimum. Again, sorry to hear.

  130. Damon


    Chris, sorry to that, but you have a long road ahead. I had my vasectomy on 5/18. By that night I had the exact same symptoms. Yam sized sack on the left side and bruised from under my testicle all the way up to my hip. Today is June 8th, and I am still out of work with a baseball sized sack. Doctor said surgery is an option, but 2nd, 3rd, and 4th opinons said to wait it out. I’m not letting another scalpel near my nuts again. Forutnately I work for a large company and can still collect all my pay. I truely regret this decision. Hang in there man only time and percocet will help.

  131. Derrick

    Had my procedure on May 31st. Next day I noticed that things had swollen up alot. Went to my GP on fri to see what was up and he confirmed a hemotoma. My procedure was to remove an epididemal cyst which was quite large. I tried to see my urolgist but he wouldn’t see me he just phoned and said that this was really common and that it should subside in about a month. This site has helped me more that either my GP or the urologist. Advise about wearing a jock strap and iboprofin for inflamation has been very valuable. Thanks to all who have posted. Our collective pain is somehow comforting.

  132. Derrick

    Hi All:
    Here it is now 13 days since my procedure and the swelling has gone down alot. Unfortunatley the hemotoma is still there. I”m still looking for my right testacle I’m sure it’s in there but I can’t tell what’s my nut and what’s the hemotoma. I’m sure reading this site is hilarious to anyone not experiencing this problem, for those who are, hang in there brothers things are getting better everyday, even if you can’t notice it.

  133. Chads Story


    Thats concerning your Dr said it was really common, I was told and have believed it only affects 5% of those having work down there. Anyway, hang in there, it does get better. Mines still not completely gone even after 98 days. The Dr checked it out after 2 months and verified it was clotted blood but it feels more like an enlarged tube of sorts.

  134. Ray

    Hi all
    I am so glad I found this website, I thought I would be suffering in silence.
    Had my vas on Thursday 9th June, seem to go ok apart from a sharp shooting pain on the right hand side when the doc cut something, was told by the nurse i “oozed a little” but thought nothing of it, next day was not too bad and I had my feet up all day, but come Friday night the pain started, right hand side mainly and I did not sleep a wink, by late morning saturday I was at breaking point and went to the local hospital, the doc took a look and suspected a small hemotoma on the right side and gave me some codine, went home straight to bed for 2 days.
    I have no swelling to speak of or bruising, but my right side is very achey and spreads through my hip and leg. Went back to the docs today and he proscribed penicillin as he says he can feel a small hemotoma about the size of a cherry.

    I am trying ibuprofen and paracetamol to see if this will help with the pain and I have taken comfort in some of your stories, so many thanks all. My wife is giving me much TLC as she feels very sad for me, so I intend to milk it as much as possible. I will keep you posted of my situation.

  135. derrick

    Here we go to week 3. Things are shrinking considerably. My hemotoma is probably the size of a small orange now. I got through my first day without wearing a jock strap to hold things in place and will hpefully be back at the gym next week. Yahoo!

  136. Aaron

    A vasectomy an epididectomy and 2 hematomas later im still in pain just had my epididymis R/S removed june 7th yesterday on my birthday i find out the my stitches didn’t close all the way and got infected. To also find out i have another hematoma. Since the wound didn’t stay closed im now leaking blood and fluid out of the wound and all they do is prescribe me cipro and percs. when i say leaking i do mean leaking like if i don’t wear a manpad (tampon) everything will be soaked with blood. im in so much to the point of where they cant have these balls since i cant have kids anyway. Mind you I am currently employed by the military and can no longer do my job. Ex infantry now truck driver. Walking for extended periods of time kills me jumping all that other crap that im required to do f’n sucks. th 29th i find out if ill have the L/S epididymis removed great huh….

  137. Chads Story

    Now 114 Days post hematoma, still a noticeable lump size of a grape. No pain at all except for the occassional ache, very few and far between. Still a noticeable blue balls feeling in the testicles though extremely minor, hardly noticeable. Big bang at the end of sex used to feel shortchanged regularly now seems back to 100% past week or so.

  138. Lisa

    Hi everyone,
    I’m so thankful I found this site. My husband had Testicular Fixation Surgery 10 days ago to fix Torsion. He’s still in extreme pain in one testi, and can hardly walk, can’t sit on a chair, and can’t sleep on his side. The testi is still very swollen, probably double its normal size. The surgeon was an absolute jerk, and explained nothing about the operation, healing time, or possible complications. I’m now about 90% sure he has a hematoma. Thankyou all so much for sharing your stories. There is definitely a huge lack of information about any of the testicular surgeries out there. I hope you all heal soon.
    Kind regards, Lisa.

  139. D's Nutz

    This page hasn’t had a comment in over six years but it’s, by far, the best thing I’ve come across when trying to assess my own situation. And trust me, I’ve been doing plenty of “when is my nut going to heal? Googling”. I have a similar story to most on here.

    Had my vasectomy (scalpel method) on Dec 22nd, 2017. About a half hour after my procedure I’m waiting in the car while my pain med prescription is being filled and I start feeling some serious pain in my left pubic area and it’s increasing fast. I assumed it was just the local anesthesia wearing off so I take one of the pain pills and my wife takes me home. By the time I get home a few minutes later, I’m hurting so bad I can barely get up our stairs to our bedroom. I figured I was just being a baby and I’d go lay down, ice the boys, and all will be better when I wake up.

    When I woke up, I was still hurting significantly. I got up to use the bathroom and I almost passed out when I saw my crotch. I’ve never actually experienced that “ringing in the ears” you get just before you black out, until this moment in my life. Thankfully, I didn’t actually hit the deck.
    Just like everyone has said on here, I’m super swollen, dark purple/black on my scrotum, penis, lower abdomen, butt, even around my left hip. I can feel the blood under the skin on my left thigh. It’s noticeably raised but not swollen. I’m thinking, “this CAN’T be normal”. By this time, the Urologist’s office that performed my procedure is closed, the next day is a Saturday. Closed. Then Sunday. Closed. Then Monday is Christmas. Closed. Great.

    I decided that I’m overreacting and this is only slightly off track. I didn’t appear to still be bleeding to death or anything so I attend Christmas with my family while wearing pajama pants, flip flops and an ice pack on my crotch without getting up from the couch the whole time. The pain was actually better for Christmas Eve and Christmas before it got fierce again after that. Must have been a Christmas gift just for me.

    After Christmas, I was back to barely being able to walk or stand. When I would stand up, it would feel like someone was very slowly driving a serrated knife into my left nut and groin. If I had to use the bathroom or get up for any reason, it was just excruciating the whole time until I could lay down back again.

    It’s now been almost two weeks. The “serrated knife” pain is noticeably better. It’s still pretty damn painful but I don’t have to stop and tense up my entire body to deal with it and it takes longer for it to set it when I stand up now. I seem to have a new pain (probably not new but more noticeable since the other pain is better) that I can only describe as an internal blister. Like that stinging, raw feeling you get when you have a blister on the back of your foot from friction….only it’s on the inside of my sac. I’m still definitely better though. I can get up, slowly “old-man hobble” over to my kitchen, grab some crackers and hobble back to the couch before the pain really starts to set in. This ability just started today. Prior to today, I’ve had to cup my left testicle with my hand in order to move anywhere or the pain was twice as bad. Now the pain is better regardless of whether my hand is providing support or not.

    At first it was hard to tell what was where inside the left side of my scrotum but now most of the swelling has subsided and it’s easier to differentiate where my testicle is in all the mess. It was still very gel-like and felt like swollen tissue during the first couple of days but now it’s hard like a tense muscle. The right side is doing just fine. It’s back to normal color, feels fine and hangs and tenses with temperature changes…etc. just like normal. The left side still looks swollen but it’s actually the hematoma surrounding 3/4 of my left nut. Like baby Jesus snuggled up in his little straw cradle. I’d say the whole left side is about the size of an avocado and my nut is the seed.

    Anyway, I may have written the longest comment on this whole page but I wanted to share my story/progress and maybe revive this page a little because I feel like it really helped me mentally to hear that this nightmare does pass and I just need to be patient. The one thing I still have a hard time gauging is how long the pain lasts. It sounds like, for the majority of the comments I read, the pain goes away and then you’re just carrying around an extra testicle for the next many months. I wish I had gotten a better sense of how long it took before the pain settled down and everyone could actually go back to their normal lives for the most part. I’m still unable to work or do anything around the house because I can’t stand to be on my feet for more than a few minutes at a time. It sounds like the pain went away for most everyone within a month or so. I’m hoping for sooner but planning for later.

    Thanks again to everyone who commented years ago on here and I’ll come back and update if this post stirs up anyone else.

  140. Tres nuts

    Thanks for sharing man! I’m at day seven with just a slight “3rd” testicle and a decent amount of residual pain, but nothing compared to most of these stories, and especially this last one! It sounds like sometimes some of us get nicked or sliced wrong, and some of us come home and lift something heavy that perhaps we shouldn’t (my self inflicted injury). So thanks to all of you, and especially “D’s nuts” for calming my nerves! The pain sucks, but hearing that it’s “normal” does help. Glad nothing will fall off…

  141. D's Nutz

    Hi Tres nuts, thanks for commenting! It’s been ten days since my last post and I’m a little over three weeks in. Still getting better but walking and standing for any longer than a few minutes is still a challenge. The pain is much better but still unpleasant enough that I try to avoid being on my feet whenever possible.

    I had an ultrasound on Thursday and was supposed to get the results Friday but a winter weather event caused the Urologist’s office to close on Friday so now it’ll be Monday. I don’t expect the ultrasound to reveal anything that I don’t already know but I’d rather know now if there is something unexpected. The ultrasound tech was pretty alarmed and went to ask a radiologist if I should be admitted to the hospital rather than go back home. They decided not to keep me but very cryptically told me I would be hearing from them very soon.

    I’m pretty hopeful that by next week around this time I’ll be able to stand and walk with minimal discomfort and start getting back to my life, even though the hematoma is still a significant size, it’s definitely going down. It’s probably the size of a large egg now, although not a nice clean shape like that. It’s still kind of cradleish around my nut. I can’t say any one thing I’ve done has really helped other than rest. The pain would subside almost 100% with a warm bath (I think because of the weightlessness more than the warmth) but getting out of the tub was awful so it was pretty bitter sweet to take a bath.

    I’ll try to come back and update again in a week or two.

    Good luck!

  142. Lime nut

    Dz nuts
    This has been great and helped a lot. I had mine done on the 11 th of Jan it has been a long road so far mine is the size of a lime. It just firmed up in the last few days pain meds an laying down about 20 hrs a day hope it gets better soon

  143. D's Nutz

    Hey Lime! Thanks for posting. It’s been just a few days over a month since my vasectomy but I’m finally getting back to my life. My pain is virtually non-existent. It’s more uncomfortable than pain, really. I’ve been back to work for a week and I’ve resumed most of my daily activities. Still not brave enough for sex or working out yet and I still walk a little funny just because the space between my legs is cramped but otherwise, the misery has subsided!

    My ultrasound confirmed the hematoma, showed no blood flow restriction and i should eventually be 100% again. Ibuprophen has helped more in the last week or two than it did early on. I’m still using very supportive boxer-briefs too. I know in the first 10 days I felt like the pain was never going to get better but once it finally got a little better, it got better at a pretty fast rate, so hang in there!

    My incisions are finally starting to close up but every once in a while I can feel a sting from the tugging on that new skin. I’m guessing that’s going to look funny when the hematoma is totally gone and the incisions are healed. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to give up on my dreams of being a testicle model.

    Also, when your sac is that stretched for that long, it will get chafed and irritated so try to keep it moisturized as best you can. Mine got down right pissed off and I think that could have been avoided with some preventative measures.

    Take care!

  144. D's Nutz

    It’s now been almost three and a half months. I still have a much smaller hematoma. No pain at all, though. I can finally sleep comfortably on my side without having to stack three pillows between my legs. Even after the pain subsided, there was still no way to lay comfortably on my side.

    I still have to wear very supportive boxer-briefs or my left nut gets tugged on too much but I’ve been able to resume jogging, running…etc. It’s also still difficult to have sex, with much “aggression”, but I can otherwise perform as I could before with no change in ejaculate or sensation.

    All I can say is, I better be F’ing sterile after all of this!

  145. Nate

    All these stories are amazing I think i read through a couple years worth and it has definitely helped my anxiety about this whole thing. I recently had a vasectomy and have a hematoma about the same size as my testicle on the right side. It is extremely painful and makes anything I try to do a struggle. I have an appointment with my urologist tomorrow. Thank you all for Sharing your experience and great advice.

  146. Brett

    Hey guys,

    Had a vasectomy on 6-1-18. Things seemed fairly well after 2 days, so I went back to work Monday (vasectomy was Friday). I was sore and walked funny but was able to work, that night it began to get really uncomfortable and swell, the following day I went to work for a few hours but came home to rest. That night I felt a lump in my sac, so I called the dr the next day. By this time it was really in comfortable. They told me I just probably over did it Monday, and to wait a few days. I waited another 2 days, but by this time after googling I figured I had a hematoma. The dr saw me and confirmed this…it was super tender and he just grabbed ahold of it and squeezed it, he nearly got punched in the face…I had to go get an ultra sound to make sure it wasn’t stopping blood flow to my testicals, which it was not. After that night it grew to maybe 3 times the size. At the time of examination he told me I probably had 100 cc’s of blood Iin there…just thinking how much blood is in there now makes me light headed. I was very active, working out 6 days a week for the past almost 2 years. I can barely move now, and am just sitting around eating and getting fat again. It’s very depressing to read it will take months to go away. Honestly, I wouldn’t care if it was just a large mass in my sack if it didn’t hurt and make it hard to walk. I just want to go to the gym again and workout and get these frustrations out. I own my own business so I have to go to work, albeit I’m only staying a few hours. I’m wondering if once the pain is gone, can I go back to working out even if I have a baseball mass in my ball bag? I also have 3 kids, one of which is a 2 year old and although my wife has been very sympathetic, I can’t do any fatherly things right now or help with anything and I feel like a looser. My doctor was a new guy in the practice, seems fairly young and I’m thinking it was due to him being a newbie. He’s been very nice, and I can tell that he genuinely feels bad for me. If I knew this would happen, or had any idea it could happen, I wouldn’t have been so quick to do this.

  147. Nigel

    Hi everyone, thanks for posting and thank god I found this site. I’m afraid I have just joined this club. Had a vas last Monday under general anaesthetic, rested on the Tuesday wearing a jock strap taking painkillers – felt ok on Wednesday so went back to work – mostly desk based but quite a bit of walking – slight discomfort but just kept taking painkillers. Thursday at work was starting to feel a bit delirious- had pretty huge swollen ball bag – spoke to wife and my mum and they both said that doesn’t sound right and to contact the hospital – thank his they did! Contacted hospital who advised me to go to their a and e department – waited 4 hours to be seen – they examined ‘it’ and took some blood to test .. turned out I had some crazy blood infection. Admitted to hospital for 3 days on an I’V drip and antibiotic course. Ultrasounded and doctors seemed not to worry but didn’t communicate much so I took this as good news..Swelling went down a bit and I built up the courage to have a bit of a look myself but now I have 2 balls and 2 hematomas – like having 4 balls ( read some on here have an extra one but an extra 2??!! Have I got the record or does someone have 5?) – the one on the left is only grape size but the one on the right is satsuma sized and appears to be attached to my right ball… glad to hear from you all that there are others in the same sad boat and that time will be needed for it all go back to normal (ish) I thought this would be quick and easy procedure and get me some brownie points with the missus – turns out it will take months of me looking like the elephant man downstairs and of course the accompanying rib ache – just hope all goes back to normal and that all the stuff down ther still works (sex wise) when next called upon !!!!!!!! Otherwise what was the bloody point. Good luck on your recoveries everyone! N

  148. J$

    Time for my story.

    Mine isn’t quite so bad as a lot of y’all on here. But when I was desperate for answers and I couldn’t wait to hear back from my doctor, reading stories online was helpful, so maybe some of you will have a similar one.

    I don’t fully understand the medical terminology, so I’m not 100% sure what I had was a hematoma (my doc never called it by a technical term), but I think it was. Either way, here’s what happened. My doctor said I was fortunate because he saw the issue while he was in there. I was put under for my vasectomy. When I woke up, my doc said there was some internal bleeding that he caught while I was under. So the procedure took longer than expected, but he took care of it then and there. He said the healing process would probably be longer than a normal vasectomy, but that I was very fortunate that he caught it there, otherwise I would have probably showed up at the ER within a couple of days with significant swelling.

    That was all I had to go on. No specifics. Just expect maybe a longer recovery. I noticed one testicle had significantly more swelling than the other. After my left testicle’s swelling had subsided completely, about a week in, the right side had not shrunk at all. The right was at least 2.5x the size of the left, maybe 3x. I saw my doc a week after for him to check it out. He said it would take some time, but the swelling would go down. I was tender to the touch down there for a while. Also, any sustained activity beyond normal amounts of standing or walking for me brought increased soreness and a dull pain that stayed there for maybe about 24 hours. So I could stand to do the dishes for about 15 minutes. But if I was standing or walking around for 30 minutes or more, I could feel the pain coming back. Took probably about 3-4 weeks before I could go back to the gym and do sustained physical activity without bringing about that pain. It took a while, but I think my testicle finally shrunk to normal size about 3 weeks in.

    One of my big concerns was sex. Doc’s normal rec was to wait one week after procedure. He told me to wait two, just in case. So 2 weeks in, we tried it. It wasn’t painful during, but the following day, there was definitely increased pain/soreness. So we decided to give me a little extra time to heal before more of that, as I didn’t want to risk further injury. Tried again at 3 weeks. Same story. At 4 weeks, we were in the clear. Phew.

    At 4 weeks, I could do most physical activity with little problem. Any thing with a lot of up and down (tennis) was not good. By 6 weeks, though, I could do everything without noticing. Only two problems from then on out. First, was that I absolutely needed to wear supportive underwear. Briefs or a jockstrap. If I wore boxer briefs or boxers for just one day, soreness started to return. Second, there could be no erm…fondling…from wifey of the testicles (everything else was A-okay) as it was too sore to the touch. Those two things lasted quite a while. They finally went away at five months and I have been back to normal since then. Longer recovery than planned, but it was still worth it, in my opinion!

  149. D's Nutz

    I’m back to check in. I’m glad this page and the comments seem to be revived since I posted several months back! I’m seven months post vasectomy and I can finally wear boxers again! Just a few weeks ago I noticed that my left nut was finally starting to drop down to it’s (mostly) normal position so I tried out the boxers and…no discomfort! It still doesn’t quite hang 100% normal (until recently it always stayed up high like it was cold but without any pain…just got uncomfortable if I went for a long period without support) but as far as I’m concerned I’m basically fully recovered. I can lay on my side with no issues at all, I can be as aggressive as I want with sex without any issue. I just wanted to come back and let everyone know, it does actually heal up completely! I expect over the next several months that even the slight abnormalities in it’s position will eventually resolve completely as well.

    Thanks again to everyone that posted, these comments really helped me deal with this and it looks like it has helped a ton of other guys too.

  150. Rich

    Thanks for your stories gents.

    I had vas 6 days ago. Procedure on the Wednesday, holiday on the Friday. Not a good idea. I was under the impression it would be healing after 3 days and I’d be able to rest. Instead I got a hematoma in the left of my sack and am spending the whole holiday in bed with a black and blue swollen mess where my table used to be. Saw a local Doctor who said it’s all normal and will take time to heal, but was still really worried it’s something more serious. Lots of stories on here sound similar to my pain so maybe it will just take time.

    Thanks for the reassurance.

  151. Brinkles Snaugerty

    I had my single, center incision, Vasectomy on August 6th. My hematoma kicked in about 3 days later on the right side. That same day, I went from being able to walk without issue to almost keeling over every time I tried to stand up. I had returned to work the day before at a desk job, but I have a feeling that is what probably caused the hematoma as I had no issues prior while I was resting on the couch after the procedure.

    My hematoma got up to about the size of a 3rd testicle.

    Its now 14 days after my procedure and my left side is pretty much completely healed up and never had any issues. The sutures are almost completely dissolved and the hematoma is shrinking very very slowly.

    Two urologists said to just wait it out and that’s what I’ve been doing. After the first day of hematoma, I had no pain really, just the swelling.

    I was able to be sexually active after about 7 days post op. The first ejaculation had a little blood, but nothing to be alarmed about. All ejaculations since have been totally normal.

    I can’t wait to start exercising again! I’ve been going crazy being so sedentary at home.

  152. Tripod

    Hello, I’ve been lurking through this forum, any every other, for about 5 days now. I had a single point incision NSV on August 23, 2018. Like at least on other poster on this forum, I did not ever get fully numb on the right side during the procedure and almost jumped off the table when I was cauterized on the same side. The left side went very well with only minor discomfort. I religiously followed the post-op procedures (general off the feet, no lifting, Tylenol, and icing) for fear of a longer recovery. After 72 hours of feet up couch time I decided I would return to work the next day, my job mostly consists of desk work with minor walking here and there. The first day back at work was reasonable and I didn’t experience significant discomfort. However, the second day at work ended with extreme pain and swelling, so much that I opted to take the next day off. At this point I was switched from Tylenol to Advil (800mg 3-4x daily). All of my pain was on the right side and it was very swollen, I was able to deduce after many hours of information searching that I had a hematoma. At this point however it was quite as solidified as it is now. Currently I have a hematoma that is roughly the size of another testicle that is on the right side above the testicle, close to my inner thigh. Warm compresses help significantly, as does the Advil. I have some pain, mostly moving around or if I have to take off my supportive underwear for any reason. A lot of the swelling is starting to slow down / dissipate, but the hematoma itself is still very present. I am 9 days post-op and 6 days post hematoma. Hoping that this all starts to get better soon.
    The one topic I haven’t found much information on is intercourse with a hematoma, when have others of you returned to intercourse? Was ejaculation painful or did it cause additional soreness? Thanks for you’re time, if I remember I’ll update this thread later on with progress, I know I found the previous entries helpful — a thread going since 2008 impressive and is clearly still relevant, thankful I found this site.

  153. Matt

    I had a vasectomy done on October 12th and within 4 hours of getting home my scrotum had swollen up to the size of a personal watermelon. Roughly 6 inchs in diameter. Was admitted that night after driving myself to the hospital and was immediately in the or room to drain as much as possible and to put a drain in. Now 2 weeks in my right side is back to normal but my left side I believe is starting to harden. I’ve been doing 2 30 minute warm soaks morning and night. And massaging the area each time. I still can barely walk more than 50-75ft and have constant pain in my groin to the side of my scrotum. Hands down the worst experience of my life. And makes me deeply regret getting this done.

  154. Bob

    I had a vasectomy on 10 days ago. During the procedure the left side went fine but on the right it really felt like the Doc jabbed something in my testicle with a needle. I asked him to stop and give me something more to numb the pain and that helped during the procedure but the cauterizing still felt a little like getting a light static shock on that side. The two sides are like night and day. The left if fine but the right is not. I don’t have a lump in the testicle but the spermatic cord on that side is really swollen. It’s like a hose with too much pressure in it that has expanded. At least I don’t have the pain some of you are having. Anybody else have anything like this. This is a real mess. Good luck to all who are posting.

  155. Small watermelom

    Massive (small water melon) hematoma of my scrotum/testicles due to leaking artery in groin after an ablasion. That was two weeks ago and I can’t help but figure its worse and not better.

    Everything in hardening up but it all seems to be getting bigger. Sitting here in rehab because I can’t takes care of my bodily function. Into rehab late Friday night and have not seen a doctor since I left the hospital due to Xmas etc.

    I don’t know if is worse of getting better, the hardening was expected but not the addition swelling.

    Can someone Comment on the stages of healing, there is so little information online, I have suffered and know I am in for a long recovery, I just don’t want it getting any worse.

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