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Testicles shrinking after vasectomy?


From Iain:-

I am a 43 year old male in good health.  My left testicle has always been slightly smaller than my right.  I had a scalpel vasectomy performed 10 months ago. The procedure went well on my right side, but was difficult on the left.  The surgeon had to remove a fibrous tissue mass he found in the left side of my scrotum in order to get to the Vas deferens.

Since then my left testicle has shrunk considerably and is sore all the time.  It is now one quarter of the size of the right.  At the recommendation of my GP, I have seen three other Urologists since and have had Doppler ultrasound and nuclear medicine imaging tests performed.  The conclusion is that I have decreased blood flow in the left testicle, perhaps as a result of or aggravated by the surgery, which is likely causing the testicle to shrink and be sore.  Repeated examinations have ruled out other problems, including hernia, infection, hydrocele, testicular cancer, etc.

The soreness is localized to the left testicle and left side of my scrotum.  It does not stop me from working, but the soreness is always there, much like a back ache or tooth ache.  The soreness has killed my sex life.  I am also embarrassed and upset by the ongoing demise of a part of my manhood.  The most recent opinion is that the problem is likely permanent, although nobody is sure if it will continue to shrink or stabilize in size free project planning software.  One Urologist offered to open me up again to have a “look and see”.  I am hesitant to go under the knife again with no clear action plan and no assurance that the problem won’t get even worse as a result.

Are there specialists within the Urology field or other healthcare specialties that may be able to help me with this problem?  What are my options to fix this?  Do you have any recommendations on what to do next?

Disparate testicular size/volume prior to a vasectomy likely represents some other type of pathology prior to the vasectomy. This can result from a varicocele, mumps orchitis, bacterial infections, trauma or an undescended testicle. Vasectomy can compromise the testicular blood supply if the artery is damaged resulting in further atrophy (shrinkage) of the testicle. If there is confirmed significant atrophy of the testicle to the point where the function of the testicle is questionable, then removing the testicle to alleviate pain might not be a bad idea. Many men are born with only one testicle or only have one testicle after suffering from an injury to the testicle, unsalvageable torsion or even cancer. It doesn’t make them any less of a man than someone who has two testicles. If having only one testicle becomes a cosmetic problem, then a testicular prosthesis can be placed at the same time as the testicle is removed. Testicular prosthesis offers an excellent cosmetic result. Most insurance carriers in the United States will cover this procedure.

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  1. Chris Landau


    Vasectomies are like slow castration. Do not listen to any doctor that says it is OK. Only speak to somebody like myself who had one twenty four years ago if you want the truth. If it is a disaster for men.

    I would not consider having my tubes tied if If was a woman. Think of the testes as an organ that produces sperm and other fluids. If you tie the spermatic tubes off, sperm is still being produced. Where must it go. Your body has to attack your own sperm to get rid of it. That is not a good idea.
    If you testes are no longer producing as much sperm, they will begin to atrophy.
    It is like a muscle, you stop using it, it wastes away.

    At About 16, I had a varicocoele cut out of my left testicle. My uncle was a doctor. He recommended a urologist who not only cut our the varicoele but cut the supply to the left testicle, so that it shrank to the size of a plum or an apricot pip over the next few years. As my left testes atrophied (shrank) over the next week, I was in screaming agony at age 16. I was given morphine for the pain and antibiotics, because the darling doctors assumed I had an infection. After ten days I could walk upright. I literally crawled to the bathroom for those ten days. When it comes to pain like broken ribs or smashed fingers, I always have my age 16 botched varicocoele operation to compare with to understand that level of pain. Having the blood supply cut to your testicle is not pleasant and a deeply stupid idea.

    44 years ago. I wonder if that friendly doctor is still alive. I doubt it. Today you would sue him until he did not have a penny to his name. I would sue him for all the future money he was to make until he died.

    At age 34, because I was a very naive man and still had some faith in our learned doctors, I went in for a vasectomy. 5 month’s earlier we had our last child. I was told there would be no difference in sex after a vasectomy.

    “Where does the sperm go?” I asked innocently.
    “Oh it gets reabsosbed.” saiid the urologist.
    “Oh,”” said this dumb writer, once again listening to another doctor who was as glib and smooth as any life insurance salesman. The life insurance salesman usually one steals your money. These doctors steal your enjoyment of a sex life.

    “Would there be a decrease in ejactulatory fluid?” I asked the urologist.
    “Oh. no.” was the reply. There is so little sperm, less than half a milliliter. You will not see a difference.”
    These doctors are good. They lie like politicians, while raking in the money. They lie with straight faces.
    They lie.

    A week after the operation, which was slightly unpleasantness , my first ejaculation was no longer a spurt but a dribble. It never got any better. The amount of ejaculatory fluid was approximately one third.
    The feeling was awful. It was like half living. Yes I could still get an erection. Ejaculation was now frankly a waste of time. Pleasure-gone.

    The urologist did the operation under local anaesthetic. It is unpleasant listening to the crunch as the doctor cuts through your vas deferens.

    Both testicles have continued to shrink over the years.

    I would love to have the operation reversed, but having been bitten by many small botched operations over the years, It will have to be a doctor that walks on water, before I trust one again.

    There is a problem with my attitude because after 24 years at age 60, one would think that I should have mellowed. I have not. I have become an angry person.
    There is some evidence that this operation can do that to one.

    When I have enough courage, I will have the operation reversed and see if there is a procedure to reconnect the blood supply to the tiny left testes. Perhaps there is. If you can cut the blood, supply, surely you can reconnect it again.

    I write this letter not to get anything off my chest, but to warm all men, rather to abstain from sex, masturbate or use a condom instead. A vasectomy(slow castration) should only be done after you have had a lobotomy.
    If you are brain dead, then I guess it does not matter.

    Do not speak to your doctor about dicking around with your balls. Ask ten guys who have had it done 10 years later how they feel and if they would do it again.

    I would never, ever recommend it.
    Find another way to sort out your contraception. Do not ask your female partner to do a tubal ligation.
    I assume it is the same disaster as having a vasectomy. Where do the eggs go?


    It is a stupid way to solve the contraception problem, marketed by cruel heartless doctors.

    Chris Landau
    July 8, 2018

    Years later I was still able to father 3 children.

    After 3 kids, that was enough for us. We have three beautiful grown up daughters today..

    Anyway 17 years after

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