All You Need To Know About The Bimek SLV

Whenever we talk about the birth control measures, most people think that it is a thing for women. However, there is a broad array of methods that men can consider for birth control. One of the oldest techniques is the use of condoms which are not always regarded to be 100 percent reliable. The other one is vasectomy, which is a solid choice to prevent pregnancy that ties off the ducts that carry the sperms. You must, therefore, make an …

User Submitted Questions and Answers, Part 1.

We’ve compiled a very extensive list of user submitted questions and answers that Dr Karpman has so graciously provided You can browse at your leisure or use the table of contents to jump to content. We have divided the questions in to multiple pages as there are just so many to provide.   Question about samples post vasectomy From Rob:- I had my vasectomy done in April 2010, the procedure went very well. I took my first ‘sample’ back …

Marie Stopes Vasectomy Technique

As mentioned in the FAQ, there are basically three major procedure types, and a mixture of methods of accessing, cutting and sealing the vas deferens. The main variants being Traditional, No Scalpel (NSV) and Open Ended. There is a fourth method practiced by the Marie Stopes (MSI) clinics in various countries. The method is known as either the Marie Stopes electrocautery no-scalpel vasectomy, or Percutaneous Electrocoagulation Vasectomy technique. The link to the procedure on the MSI site is a .PDF file. …

Can a vasectomy reverse itself?

What are the chances that a vasectomy could “reverse itself” and allow a pregnancy to occur? This is one of the top questions men (and women) have about the vasectomy procedure. The short answer is that even though it’s technically possible for a vasectomy to spontaneously reverse, it is extremely rare. How can a vasectomy reverse itself? An unintended post-vasectomy reversal is known as a recanalization. Recanalization is a process in which sperm regains the ability to enter a man’s semen after a vasectomy, resulting in the remote …

What is a vasectomy?

A quick overview of the vasectomy operation and a great starting point for men considering the procedure.

Pregnancy after vasectomy?

Is it possible to get pregnant after a vasectomy? What are the risks your operation will fail and result in a pregnancy?

Ejaculation after vasectomy

Will your ejaculations be different after a vasectomy? This article explains will and won’t change following procedure.

Vasectomy vs. tubal ligation

Couples often wonder if vasectomy or tubal ligation is the best option for permanent birth control. Learn about the differences in this article.

Vasectomy With Hematoma (Reader’s Experience)

I am 35 yrs old, 5’9 and 165lbs. I had the procedure done at a Planned Parenthood facility in Concord, CA. The cost was $450. I eat a regular diet and am very active. I have a very high pain tolerance and don’t mind needles. I think everyone should start with some stats.who knows, maybe there’s a pattern? Either way I think it would be informative. Question: What keeps you from banging your chick, soaks up all your sick and …

VasClip Vasectomy w/ Complications – A Reader’s Story

This is my first post to this website. I have recently visited this site, and found the vasectomy page both informative and useful. I had a VasClip vasectomy performed about 4 months ago. With this, I had the no scalpel technique done, to expose the vas tubes. In my mind, the no-scalpel technique, combined with the VasClip procedure, offered the most minimally-invasive procedure, with the least possible complications. I must say however, that this was not entirely the case. This …