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Blood in semen after vasectomy: Is it normal?

Doctors should warn their patients that traces of blood in semen after a vasectomy are generally nothing to worry about, but sometimes they forget. This lack of information can lead to unnecessary confusion and concern when the man resumes normal ejaculatory activity, so it’s important to know what’s normal and what isn’t.

Some blood is normal

A small amount of blood in the semen during the period immediately following a vasectomy isn’t anything to worry about. This issue often resolves itself and isn’t an indication of a larger problem.

During the operation, small amounts of blood can enter the vas deferens. This blood can find its way into the semen and may be visible during ejaculations. After a number of ejaculations, this blood is cleared from the reproductive tract and shouldn’t come back.

When to call the doctor

As a general rule, you should get in touch with your doctor if you have any concerns about how you’re recovering after a vasectomy. If you’re seeing blood in your semen and it’s worrying you, make the call!

Having said that, most doctors would probably tell you that you don’t need to worry unless you’re still seeing blood in your ejaculatory fluid after more than a week.

You should also call your doctor if you’re seeing lots of blood, or if the blood is accompanied by any kind of unusual pain.


  1. Dan

    I had vasectomy a month ago but I still get blood in my semen. Sometimes there is no blood. It seems like every other ejaculation contains blood. Is this normal even after a month after the procedure and about 20 ejaculations after?

  2. John

    I had a vasectomy one month ago. I have ejaculated about 10 times and the last time I had a fair amount of what looked like fresh blood in my semen. I hear that some dark or rusty color blood is sometimes normal, but mine looks fresh. I tried to contact the Dr. that performed my vasectomy but it is the weekend. So should I be worryied.

  3. Big J

    I am concerned. 2 weeks after open-ended vasectomy and still blood in semen. wtf? the procedure was painful and I do not want to have to go through surgery again. The up-end may not be completely sealed. Waiting on Dr to get back to me.

  4. Brandon Jason

    I had my vasectomy ten days ago, my first two ejaculations looked normal,but since then i have seen a tiny amount of blood, sort of looks like tiny flakes of dried red paint, not sure how else to describe this? Also a tiny amount of red in the overall semen, i was a little freaked when i first saw this,because my urologist never warned me that this could happen. But i had already read this from several websites before my vasectomy was performed,or i really would have freaked out! Everyone told me the vasectomy procedure was no big deal,with hardly no pain,boy was that a lie! I consider myself a pretty tough person when it comes to pain,but i would never want to have to go through that ever again! I had the traditional scalpal vasectomy performed, and it hurt like hell, glad it’s all over! Very glad to see that i’m not alone with this blood in the semen thing, from what i’ve read,it should eventually clear up.

  5. lee

    So glad to hear I am not the only one with blood in my semen. The bruising was unreal….. black balls and QTR way up the shaft for a week! And the pain was more than people let on but in the long haul it beats not having a 5th child!

  6. Bryan

    I too was not warned by my Doctor about the blood in my semen. I had the surgery done 4 days ago, and was completely freaked out today. I will have to say that the pain is different for different folks. I had very minimal pain what soever. No bruising. The doctors office in Monroeville, PA was great. Not a big fan of the numbing shots, but everything else went fine.

  7. Rich

    I had my Vasectomy about 10 days ago, I did a self test to make sure that I was functioning and had no blood in my semen. I then resumed regular intercourse on day 7 since, with Ice, rest (I mean lots of rest I took Vicodin on the first day and day two so I slept a lot!) then made sure I didn’t move around a lot and I saw no bruising at all, although when I didn’t have ice on my testicles there was some swelling. Now on day 9 and 10 I have blood in my Semen, this isn’t like flecks or rust, it’s blood. I am going to contact the Doctor that performed my procedure and ask about this. All in all, the surgery was painless, I was a little worried, but not much and my wife is happy since this means we aren’t having anymore kids.

    • Chris

      Hi Rich. What did your doctor say about this? What was the remedy? This sounds like what I’m currently going through and our story sounds identical.
      I must admit that I’m starting to get worried even though there’s no pain.

  8. Dustin in Seattle

    I had my procedure 8 days ago and noticed blood in my semen for the first time today. Freaked me out as the doc didn’t say anything about that. However as far as the procedure and after effects, based on what I’ve read I either had a great doctor or I just lucked out. I had the no-scalpel and no-stitch procedure where the incision on my scrotum was too small for a sticth and inside he cauterized the tubes. I had very minimal pain and swelling the following day. I would recommend this procedure over the “traditional” scalpel procedure for sure. My dad and brother had the scalpel and their experience was much different, ie painful, than mine. Only 18 loads to go and I’m sterile!!! Woo Hoo!

  9. John

    “Everyone told me the vasectomy procedure was no big deal,with hardly no pain,boy was that a lie! I consider myself a pretty tough person when it comes to pain,but i would never want to have to go through that ever again! I had the traditional scalpal vasectomy performed, and it hurt like hell”

    It has been a month since i had mine and there is still blood so decided to read up and boy after reading the above i almost p***ed myself kind of took my mind off the blood.

    Thanks brandon for your wording

  10. Nathan

    Get the sedative! Not so much for the pain but to calm your nerves so you don’t clench up and make it harder for the Dr. and yourself. As far as the blood. Had some first time, a little more next, and now I’m looking it up. I guess we’re the weirdos guys yeah us! Not panicked yet I’ll call the Dr. if it doesn’t at least diminish after a few more. I better not have to go back though….

  11. Jake

    I had my factory shut down about nine days ago and felt pretty good about three to four days later. No bruising or swelling and I haven’t felt any clots. But I also have the blood in the semen like many of you have mentioned. My doctor never told me about this potential side effect. I’m not really comfortable with the fact that I could be getting blood on my girlfriend when we have sex. For any of you with the same problem, did it go away or did you have to see your doctor? If you did see your doctor, what did they say? Am I shooting blanks yet?

  12. Mcluvin

    Since 2008 men have been looking to this site to see if it is normal if there is blood in their semen after surgery. Yet there is no answers, I imagine, if all of us endured black and blue balls for a few days (some weeks) and have come here (no pun intended) to share our stories – you’d figure someone would have an answer?! I guess were all somewhat normal after the surgery, scalpel, cauterized, or whatever – I too share the same bloody jizz as the rest of you! Perhaps m.d.’s shoul better prep their patients for the after “care”. When I came home and rubbed one out (to make sure it worked) I was horrified that I now had a strawberry swirl explotion, rather than the usual. 20 days later, still swirling. I can only hope I am as normal as the rest of you!

    P.S. I find if I don’t shoot off for more than a day, it is more bloody than if I am using it more often!

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