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Ejaculation after vasectomy

For more on this topic, see our articles on post-vasectomy orgasms and sex drive after vasectomy.

There are a lot of questions men have revolving around what their ejaculations will be like after a vasectomy.

It’s normal to have some anxiety about this sort of thing, but long as everything has gone according to plan and you haven’t had any issues since your operation your post-vasectomy ejacluations should be no different than they were before your procedure.

The goal of this article is to address some of the more common concerns men have regarding their first post-vasectomy ejaculations.

How will my ejaculations change after a vasectomy?

Your ejaculations will be pretty much the same as they were before your procedure. You won’t emit blood or water or a puff of dust. You’ll still produce ejaculatory fluid, and it’s going to look and feel just like it did before the operation.

The only thing that really changes about your semen after a vasectomy is that it no longer contain sperm. [easyazon_link identifier=”B007N8FWB4″ locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”vasinfo-20″ cloak=”n”]Sperm only account for 2% to 5%[/easyazon_link] of the volume of a man’s ejaculate, so you’re not going notice a difference once it’s gone. In fact, it’s probably safe to assume your ejaculations naturally varied that much based on fluid intake, diet, etc.

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The force of your ejaculations will also remain unchanged after your vasectomy. The plumbing responsible for that sort of thing is unaffected by the procedure, so there’s nothing that will be stopping or slowing the release of semen.

How long should I wait before my first ejaculation?

This is a big question, and there’s no single “right” answer. Some doctors recommend waiting a week, other doctors recommend a couple days, while others say you can start having sex as soon as you feel physically able.

We talk about it at length in our article on how long you need to wait until sex after a vasectomy, but most doctors recommend waiting a week before having intercouse. However, there are a number of doctors who allow patients to resume sexual activity as soon as they feel up to it, which will usually be a few days.

As always, listen to your doctor and follow their instructions regarding post-vasectomy sex. For more info, read this article.

Will ejaculations be painful after vasectomy?

Your ejaculations should not be painful after after a vasectomy. However, an ejaculation involves a number of strong muscle contractions in the genital area, which means having an orgasm could be uncomfortable if the patient is still experiencing swelling, bruising, or tenderness. This is why doctors often recommend waiting a week or more before resuming sexual activity.

Uncomfortable orgasms which occur beyond the doctor’s recommend waiting period can be an indication that something isn’t right. At this point, you need to see your doctor.


  1. Drew

    I had my operation 3 weeks ago yesterday. The doctor told me to resume sex 2 weeks afterwards. I waited the 2 weeks and when I went to ejaculate I had a serious pain in my left testicle. I have tried 3 other times this week and each time I get the same pain. My doctor wants me to come in to talk about it. I feel like he just wants me charge me an office visit. There is no swelling or anything. Has anyone else had this issue? Do I just need more time?

    • Corey Cloos

      Great site. Plenty of helpful information here. I am sending it to several friends ans also sharing in delicious. And obviously, thanks to your effort!

  2. Jamie

    Recently had a vasectomy 3 days ago. Dr. had given instructions no intercourse for 1 week. During my sleep, I had a premature ejaculation, obviosuly very concerned based on the new surgery and not the full week as intended – what signs should I be looking for? Could I have damaged anything with the early encounter?

  3. Adam

    I just had mine done on December 26th and was the scalple free way. I was nervous during the procedure because the doctor had to inject more novacaine because I kept feeling it. My bruising is going away and there is still a little tenderness in my right side, but I’m going to give it a little more time hoping it’s just because of the trauma from the procedure. I did resume sex 4 days ago and except for a slight tenderness to the right testi, had no problems. Each person heals differently, but if you’re having pain when ejaculating, I would go in.

  4. Robert

    i had my vasectomy on friday evening. today is monday evening. my wife and i got a little interested in each other, and, well…at least i waited 48 hours for my first ejaculation. i have no pain. not sure why all the doctors say wait one week. i think they want to prevent injury to the actual incision. we just kept the rubbing and yanking to a minimum, and the incision did not re-open or anything. so i say as soon as you feel good, go for it (gently).

  5. John

    I had a vasectomy May 15 and resumed sexual activity May 20 with no problems. I had no scalple and they didn’t have to put a stitch in my skin. It was sore before, but I think that was due to the semen build up…once it released it was not sore at all. So i think it all depends on the person when you should have it again.

  6. Tom

    Th reason the Dr. tells you to wait a week is to let the tube that he cut in the procedure heal properly. So you wont know if you did any damage just by having pain free sex.

  7. Jason

    I have had minimal pain since my vasectomy 3 days ago and so have begun intercourse already without a problem. If there was any damage done then further swelling, pain, bruising would occur due to the inflammation process, so the doctor saying wait a week is probably just the average healing time!

  8. Jason

    I had my vaseectomy Dec. 4th Doc said when you feel comfortable having sex go ahead so me a the girlfried Dec. 5 that evening decided we would have sex for 2 full hours. Have not had any problems and have had sex at least 20 times since and will be taking a sample to the Doc Jan. 7th. By everything I have read everthing sayes that between 15 to 20 ejaculation you should be clear. We did notice that the first ejaculation had just a little color but was clear after the second. I have only talked with one other person that said they had sex the very next day. I had almost no swelling and problems.

  9. jed

    i had a no scalple vasectomy on friday, the 23rd of april. i had an orgasm this morning, the 26th. no pain, no coloring. i have had no brusing and very slight tenderness due to the fact that the right vas was larger then the left and a little harder to get to. all in all i am feeling really good about it and happy to have had it done.

  10. Bobo

    I just had the scalpel free procedure 4 days ago, my doctor did not specify a time period to wait before sex, but I have a high sex drive so after 36 hrs. I had to give it a try, I stuck it up my wife’s backdoor (anal sex) since the extra tightness helped me come quickly with a minimum of pounding. Also negated the need to use a condom.

  11. Jeff

    I had the NSV done on Friday, and had sex that night. Lots more sex the next night. My doctor said to wait at least 7 days but I’m a total moron and ignored him. Haven’t experienced any pain since leaving the office, but I’m sort of worried I may have undone the vasectomy somehow by not waiting the full 7 days. I guess I’ll after I submit my sample.

  12. HIM

    So my doc didn’t give me a time to resume ejaculation. I didn’t ask but I think he would have said if he wanted a specific time. He only said he wants a sample in two months. And that he would see me Monday morning to see how the weekend went. I had the no scalpel surgery on Friday. Well Friday night I had intercourse with my wife and oral this Saturday afternoon. No pain on either occasion. Guess ill be asking specifically on Monday. Will post an update Monday morning after I ask.

  13. Phil

    When I had my vasectomy had sex 2 days after couple of years on sex is just not the Same some how when you ejaculation feels like there is something missing

  14. K M

    No offence guys, but I’m looking into getting a Vasectomy. I know we need our fix, but 1-3 days after surgery? Come on now. I’ve had skin abrasions that needed longer to heal.

    I’ve got get in there are often as possible myself. You all are crazy.

  15. Vasectomy guy

    EJACULATE VOLUME DEFINTELY CHANGES!! I have experienced this as well as others I know that have had vasectomies. I got my vasectomy over 9 years ago. I guess you need to decide whether you want another child or lower ejactulate volume. That is your decision but I want to make sure people know the truth. 2 – 5% sperm is reported by this website. I haven’t measured the weight of sperm in an ejaculation but if you take a glass of water and drop a pebble in it, the water level will rise. We are talking water displacement folks. I am not sure how they can say the volume won’t change when the sperm is going to change volume by 2-5%. Apparently I was producing much more sperm…hence the three children with the first try on each. NO more kids for me and it was a good decision but my volume has always been lower for the past 9 years. It does vary depending on edging and excitement. I have not had any complaints from any of the women I have been with. Oh yeah, I got divorced 3 years ago…another plus for having a vasectomy! Good luck gents!!

  16. Richard

    I had a vasectomy 2 years ago, ever since when I orgasm I have 2 separate ejaculations right after each other, the first one is a clear fluid and the second is a white thick fluid.
    Why is this happening after my vasectomy?

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