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Orgasms after vasectomy

This article focuses specifically on orgasms after vasectomy. For more on this topic, see our articles on post-vasectomy ejaculations and sex drive after vasectomy.

A man who has a successful vasectomy will not notice any change in his orgasms after the operation.

During the healing process a man’s orgams may produce some discomfort due to the intense muscle contractions in the genital area. Once a man’s bruising and swelling has subsided, his orgasms will be no different than they were before the operation.

Concerns about post-vasectomy orgasms

A common concern many men have regarding vasectomy is that their orgasms won’t be as strong or intense after the operation. This concern over having a “weak orgasm” is understandable, but there is simply no medical evidence suggesting that vasectomy has any effect on the intensity or duration of a man’s orgasm.

While the methods of vasectomy vary depending on the doctor performing the operation, the basic procedure is the same: A small section of the vas deferens is removed, preventing sperm from entering the ejaculate. Removing this tiny length of “plumbing” does not affect the sensitivity of the penis or the pleasure centers of the brain responsible for orgasm.

It’s true that overall amount of ejaculate a man produces will be reduced by 2% to 5% after a vasectomy, but this figure irrelevant because ejaculation is not what creates the pleasurable sensation felt during an orgasm.  Orgasmic pleasure is controlled by processes in the brain and is not a result of the physical act of ejaculation.

Are you getting a vasectomy?
Plan ahead and get some cold packs and a 3 pack of jock straps for a comfortable post-surgery recovery!

It’s also important to note that this small decrease in ejaculatory volume is not enough to be noticable by a man or his partner under casual circumstances.

For more on this topic, see our article about ejaculations after vasectomy.

What to do if you’re still having issues

There is no evidence demonstrating that a normal, successful vasectomy has an impact on orgasms or sex drive. However, complications arising from a problematic vasectomy may lead to sexual dysfunction.

If you are experiencing sexual issues after healing completely from a vasectomy, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor.

Age and sexual dysfunction

Men who are having sexual issues years after a vasectomy may assume that the vasectomy is the cause of their problems.

While this mindset is understandable, men must remember that as they get older they become more likely to experience sexual issues regardless of whether or not they’ve had a vasectomy.

Statistically speaking, male sexual problems are increasingly more prevalent with age. Having a vasectomy does not increase or decrease the likelihood that a man will develop a problem later on in life.

For more on the affects of aging on male sexual functions, see our article on sex drive after a vasectomy.


  1. Christina


    My partner had a vasectomy 4 months ago and has the same issue of not having as strong of an orgasm. He noticed this the first time we had intercourse after the operation. Sometimes, he says that he can’t reach the “point of no return” He also describes it as your partner does, “not being able to feel the rush from his scrotom.” This has been very frustrating for him and he says that he wishes he never had the vasectomy in the first place. He is considering a reversal in hopes of gaining this feeling back. I’ve been doing research on this topic and have found a few other posts related to this issue. Surely, it’s not all in their head?

  2. Katherine

    Maria and Christina,

    My husband had a vasectomy a little over a month ago and is dealing with the same problems that you discuss. He explained it like this when he posted to another forum on a different website:

    “After the surgery, there is very little intensity. By that, I specifically mean there is no buildup, I just seem to have an orgasm and the feeling I had from my testicles is no longer present.”

    My husband is a clinical psychologist and is completed offended at the idea that it is “in his head”. He keeps himself in excellent shape both mentally and physically. It’s unfortunate that there are men who are expressing the same type of problem and we continue to get the same kind of response from physicians who say that it’s not possible that the vasectomy affected this.

    If you have any luck finding out how to resolve the problem, please post again.



  3. John

    Hey everyone

    I am just curious if anyone has had any luck with this?

    I had a vasectomy late last year and essentially have the same problem. I start to get the sensation of my orgasm building but then I ejaculate before I get to the point I used to get to in a climax and it feels very different and disappointing.

    At times I wish I hadn’t had the operation.

    It’s not in my head, whatever anyone says!

    I really don’t think anything can be done, so I do wonder what I have to do to get back to enjoying sex.

    Any others got any news?

  4. John

    Apologies if this is repeated but my comment dissaperead

    Essentially I have exactly the same problem and it feels like I cant get to that ‘point’

    It starts but I just ejaculated and it dissapears.

    Any further ideas?

  5. Dave

    Hi Guys,

    And here I thought I was all alone, I have pretty much the same problem as all of you….. The sex is great, here comes the orgasm, here it comes…wait for it….here we go!!! OK so it’s over what the hell happened? What a disappointment and all these extremely clever doctors can say is its all in your mind, meanwhile our sex lives are totally up to shit and I don’t see the point of having sex anymore, the end result is too disappointing. In all honesty I only have sex to keep the wife happy.
    I had my vasectomy 3 years ago and sex has not been the same since…Great hey I’m only 30 now, what a future.
    The problem these doctors have nowadays is: If a huge amount of people have a problem or want something done there is money to be made so it is worth while spending the money on research but if its just a hand full of people out there like us how much money is there in it? Conclusion what’s the point of researching it!

    Pissed off Dave

  6. Chris

    This is my experience. Anyone who says your orgasm is the same after a vasectomy is nuts, pardon the pun. Before my vasectomy, if I didn’t ejaculate every day (no joke) or more than once a day, my testicles would feel full and congested. If I went more than two days, it would get almost painful. After I came, I would literally feel like the buildup was gone. This is not psychological or in my head; it’s what I felt for almost 30 years. This is the release I think everyone is describing.

    Now, because the vas was cut, the sperm don’t build up and are instead released into my body. I actually kind of like the fact that I don’t go crazy from not coming every day, and I can still get the sense when my prostate hasn’t had an orgasm in a couple of days. It’s just not the same “full feeling” I used to get in my balls. My orgasms are just has intense, I just don’t have the physiological sensation of my balls being drained. I do notice that I enjoy orgasms through handjobs more than I used to. So maybe you should try changing things around – have sex with your partner, give her an orgasm and then have her jerk you off.

    The doc’s explanation above my be correct per the textbooks, it’s just not that way in real life. If I knew then what I know now, I’d still probably go through with it. It was getting ridculous having to beat off twice a day sometimes in my 40s!

  7. SJ

    Let me add another name to the list of the disappointed after having a vasectomy. It’s been 5 years and it seems as though the sensations are getting less and less intense every time. Maybe it’s just that more foreplay is needed, but to recreate the build-up of the past, why do I think that 4 hours of heavy petting and porn would be required to reach the heights of old. What’s wrong with that you say? Finding that much time with 3 children running around the house, yeah right. Weren’t they the reason for the procedure in the first place.

  8. Contradicting

    I have actually had somewhat of the opposite reaction since my vasectomy. While it hasnt been even a full month yet, I actually came upon this thread while looking to see if anyone else out there was experiencing *more intense* orgasms after the procedure.

    That seems to be my experience thus far but its not to the point where it is obvioius. (which is why I was curious to see what other people’s experiences have been) It just seems that I am able to reach eye rolling level of intensity without much effort at all. Where as prior to the procedure it would take more buildup and was often not as easy to reach.

    I have never felt any noticable buildup in my scrotum before, so maybe thats just something different about me to begin with. (not missing that now, as I never noticed it before anyway)

  9. Lee Ward

    I have been looking for others who have had this problem because my doctor never heard of it before. well, i can now give him this web site so he can do some reading up on the matter.

    I still have a very active sex life, although the knee buckling sensation has now gone (the neighbours are happy, no more moaning monster in the middle of the night) but i am not. my ejaculation is the same and the length I last is the same, but the end result is just a complete wash out.

    Before this op I or my wife could not touch the end of my penis after ejaculation due to the emmense sensitivity of it, but now i can just carry on rubbing for as long as we feel like, its as though the nerves in the end gland are shot to peices and therfore no feelings are being sent back to me.

    I do not feel my balls tighten, I do not feel the ejaculation go through my shaft, I do not feel the ejaculation errupt from my penis, i do not feel my penis pulse until the orgasm has finished….. I DO NOT FEEL !!!

    I am putting this down to the vasectomy and not down to getting a few years older.

    And, if it is in my head then why did i feel this way then look it up ??? not get told this by my doctor or read about it. I just felt that since my op then something did not feel the same, I have no problems or worries that the op did not go to plan, I have nothing in my head thinking that the doc did a bad job…. I just felt that my orgasm was no longer what it was and THEN thought that maybe the op had something to do with it..

  10. JD

    It’s been 10 years since my vasectomy. Orgasm’s at first seemed almost as good as before, but never quite had that totally drained feeling I used to have. Now, like many of you, the orgasm has become so anti-climatic, it’s hardly worth working for it. I wish I had never had the procedure done. It is almost like the nerves that supplied the wonderful rush have become completely desensitized. One of the tubes that was cut actually becomes itchy and irritated while trying to perform.

    When sex becomes work, it’s time to find another job. And whoever thought sex could possibly become a job? Sad indeed….

    I wish there were more men that spoke up before I had my big day. My doctor and buddies that went before me told me it was no big deal. In my opinion, they were very wrong. Wish I could turn back the clock…..

    Men, don’t be scared to be truthful when another guy asks you how your REALLY feel about vasectomy! I’ve told others that I’d have never done it had I known what the results would be down the road…and I sure wish others had spoken up to the truth instead of “what you wanted to hear”!

  11. Bob

    I had a vasectomy just recently. Sex has always been very fulfilling to me and I enjoy the sense of draining that comes with large ejaculations. From what I’ve read, sperm makes up 5% of the total ejaculate amount so without that, you are reduced only a minimal amount. During oral sex, my girlfriend now tells me I actually ejaculate more after the vasectomy, so much that she is unable to swallow it in one gulp. The feelings I am receiving after the vasectomy are much more intense and I believe it can be attributed to the elimination of the pregnancy fear. I can now completely let it loose and let it fly, I purposely hold out to let it build and I know ejaculate at least 20% more than before.

  12. BL

    My husband had a vasectomy 6 weeks ago and he describes the same thing–he ejaculates but no orgasmic feeling. I though maybe it was psychological because the first time we had sex after the vasectomy it was very painful and a granuloma formed, so maybe subconsiously he’s associating orgasm with pain. But now I’ve read all your input and I’m concerned!!

  13. GB

    I also totally agree with the previous posts indicating that their orgasms are disappointing since the vasectomy. Albeit it has only been about 6 weeks since my procedure….I personally have noticed the decrease in strength in my orgasm. I also feel significantly less horny than before. At work, I used to think about sex and occasionally have to masturbate in the bathroom to satisfy my desires. Now, I don’t think about sex as frequently and definitely longer between ejaculations. When I orgasm since my vasectomy – I HAVE NOT YET had that “weak legged” feeling after climax. I agree with the poster that indicated that the sensitivity of my penis after climax is not heightened. I also want to note that I had very little problems with the procedures other than slight initial swelling of my right testicle – so I don’t think the above is related to any surgical mistakes. Each time before sex – I anticipate and expect the “old orgasm” of the day prior to my procedure….but am always somewhat disappointed.
    No exhausted feeling, no rush, less enjoyable.

  14. bks

    I had a vasectomy about 5 years ago and my orgasms have never been the same.. After all this time, I thought it was just me, but after reading all the posts in this thread, I realize I’m not the only one that has these problems!!! The orgasms are just not the same, not as intense, and not nearly as satisfying…

    There were no problems or complications with the procedure, everything went fine… I’ve never even mentioned this to my family doctor because I thought I must me crazy….. At least I now know I’m not the only one who has this issue…

    My advice to anyone considering a vasectomy, DON’T…!!

  15. Yep

    Ditto, I had a vasectomy about a year ago. I have no problem coming to orgasm, and it still feels good, but it doesn’t feel like it used to. The orgasm feels good, but incomplete.

    Would I have it done again knowing what I know now? Yeah, probably. Women go through a lot of changes after having a kid, I guess it’s our turn, but it’s still a disappointment.

  16. david

    Exactly! I just found this site after coming to the same conclusion my self. Sex is great with no condoms, a zillion times better but then ultimately the orgasm comes and goes and for me it’s that there is no sense of euphoria that used to always come afterwards. It’s almost like the ejaculate just falls out as an aside, and the adrenaline from the sex and anticipation of ejaculation just sort of stays and fades away as if I had just excercised and needed a cool down. In the last 3 months the only really pleasurable orgasms I’ve had was masturbation, but with alot more pressure than would have ever been comfortable, and then orally after vaginal sex right up to the point before climax. Mabye to get the same sensation just figure out how to apply the extra pressure, either with a hand or a mouth if your partner is down with that kind of thing.

  17. same boat

    I’ve searched for this issue several times since my vasectomy (in April). I’ve got the same issue as everyone above. For what it’s worth, orgasms were extremely intense for a month or so after the procedure, but are now disappointing. I do enjoy the increased spontaneity in not having to use a condom but if I could reverse the clock, I do believe that I would not have the procedure knowing what I know now. As mentioned above, the Doc says that it’s all in my head, and I’ll get used to it. After 6 months of no change whatsoever, I doubt it.

  18. Chris (again)

    Suggestion – what has work for me is pulling out right before the point of no return and have her rub my balls and jerk me off. Coming inside is not as intense, I’ve found, but you have to get creative. Dirty talk, porn and lingerie help too. The key is communication. At first my wife thought it was in my head, but now she understands and has adjusted to the new reality.

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  20. Joseph

    Guys, I think this might help. It’s also worth telling your doctor about this, which may lead discussions among more doctors.

    I had a vasectomy less than two months ago. And I too have noticed a slight reduction in sensation right at the point of ejaculation. But I have been doing some exercises that are helping.

    Before getting to the exercise let me just say that during my first several orgasms after the procedure I felt a little pinch of pain in my vas deferens right at the point of ejaculation. This slight pain in my tubes was enough to take my mind off of my ejaculation. In the split moment it took for the pain in my tubes to go away, the ejaculation was over, and it felt as though I had pretty much missed it.

    But then I remembered that even before my vasectomy there would be times when a slight distraction at the point of orgasm would numb it, and it would not feel as strong. In my case, it was that slight pinch of pain in my tubes just a split second before coming that would take my mind off the head of my penis and focus my attention on my tubes. This distraction was the same as though other cases of distractions, like someone knocking on the door or the phone ringing or my girlfriend moving the wrong way right at the same moment as my orgasm. Focus on the head of your penis and you won’t miss the event. It will feel as strong as before.

    Now for the exercise that is helping me. When I’m laying in bed at night I contract the muscle that’s involved during orgasm. I can’t say exactly where this muscle is or what it’s called off the top of my head (pardon the pun), but it’s the same muscle that throbs during orgasm and that keeps throbbing for a few seconds after ejaculation. It’s the muscle that pushes the fluid through.

    Contracting this muscle repeatedly as fast and as frequently as I can brings that tickly feeling you get right at the point of orgasm. In fact, contracting this muscle repeatedly feels like you are building up to an ejaculation. I almost feel like I can ejaculate just by contracting that muscle alone. The tip of my penis becomes more ticklish and I get that throbbing in my shaft back.

    Contracting that particular muscle might seem a little difficult to master. It’s like trying to flick your penis toward your stomach by itself, almost as though your are trying to touch your tummy with your penis. It’s a contraction that feels like it is starting under the scrotum almost directly between the legs and then pulsates up the shaft to finish at the tip of the penis, all in a fraction of a second. I can at times reach contractions up to 1 per second for about 10 seconds straight before it gets a little tired and I have to pause.

    The more I contract this muscle, the more I get that ticklish feeling back in my penis. I think the vasectomy procedure causes this muscle to become less active. Maybe the brain thinks it is not as important anymore, or maybe we are just not concentrating on it as much because of other differences we may feel in our tubes, such as that slight pinch of pain where the tubes were cut.

    Whatever the reason for it is, it seems as though this muscle does not want to fire as powerfully as before. So make it fire. Contract the muscle over and over again until you get it functioning as it did before. It brings that tickly feeling back into your penis and the throbbing lasts. It is this muscle that single handedly makes orgasms so intense. Keep this muscle strong and active, and all will be fine.

    Mention this to your doctors. If we can get more doctors talking to each other about this, maybe they can find a way of more effectively stimulating this muscle during ejaculation to make orgasms powerful again for those who feel they have weakened. Personally, I don’t think they have weakened. Our attention is just momentarily taken away from the head at that most critical moment. Concentrate on the head and keep contracting that orgasm muscle, whatever its real name is.


  21. Loren

    Same deal. Been five years. It’s really beginning to be the worst regret of my life. Seems like I jizz in a shorter amount of time without any intensity whatsoever once I do.

    If your reading this and haven’t been snipped, DON’T DO IT!!!

  22. Bernie

    I had mine done last June 5th. June 4th 2008 was the last normal sexual experience I have had. My ejaculate volume and force decreased more than 50% and gone with it was the satisfying sense of release/relaxation afterwards. Three months after I developed pain and have had additional unsucessful surgery in an attempt to stop it. Since the vas and over the course of the past year I developed prostatits/congested prostate, bilatteral cysts/spermatoceles and congestive epididymitis as well as a shooting and sometimes debilitatig pain in my left testicle area that caused me several weeks of nasuea and vomiting and a trip to the emergency room. I feel this last new pain is some type of nerve damage. I have been told multiple times that the loss of feeling is psychological and after being didmissed by Urologists finally spent months seeing a Psychiatrist who can find nothing mentally/emotionally wrong with me . Our sessions now deal exclusively with pain managment.
    I almost gave up the fight until the last Uro I visited really annoyed me with his arrogance. First he asked me “Is sex really that important to you?” and then elaborated sying “Look you are going to be 40 soon and your testosterone level is going to continue to decline. Your wife will enter menopause (she is 38) and in a few years sex may not be a big deal for either of you. He followed up saying that doctors don’t have all of the answers or know all of the outcomes and that is why it is called “practicing medicine”.

    Look it has become obvious that main stream Urology can continue to didmiss us one by one as “head cases” but maybe if we gather our stories/experiences we can get some exposure on this matter. It exists I have read countless medical study abstracts that describe similar loss of sensation accompanied with diminished ejaculatory function. If we get our stories together and contact one of the major research hospitals (or even media outlets) maybe we can stop this deception.

    Feel free to contact


  23. Gregor

    I am a 43 year old physician and I had a vasectomy 4 years ago.
    I agree sex hasn’t ever been the same. Orgasmic intensity has significantly decreased to the point that often times I have an orgasm it just sort of dribbles out. Not nearly the same intensity or volume that I remember, period. This is not a mental deal. This is a physiological deal. It is real.

    I too would not recommend this procedure to my friends.

    If I can find anything in the medical literature to help, I’ll be back.

  24. John

    I agree with all of the people if I could go back I would never had this op done. Even sometimes I feel like I came but only dribbles pre cum. I had a great sex life before this and now its nothing but disappointments one after another. I did go back to the urologist he acted like everything was fine and didn’t even ask for a sample. For those out there thinking about a vas. think hard it was defiantly not worth it for me.

  25. Jim

    Every thing works fine up till the last second and then plateau-no intensity of orgasm. I tell all my uncut friends to stay whole-what a waste.

  26. James Roberts

    I had my vasectomy 3 weeks ago and my orgasms are MUCH more intense than ever before! They last a full 15+ seconds now, up to 30 seconds where before it was over in 3 to 5 seconds. I dont know what happened but I am loving orgasms post vasectomy. My only concern is I ejaculate much less “load”. Like, less than half. Today my wife said I let off more of a load than I ever have before, so maybe that is something that is fixing itsself… Anyhow, this surgery is weird how it has such different effects on people.

  27. Stew

    Add me to the list. I had vasectomy in April of 2008, and orgasms have never been the same. The sex is still great, and up until the point of climax things are perfect. Right at orgasm, the feeling that used to be a 10 has been about a 7 ever since the procedure. I’ve had no other issues with the surgery.

  28. Ian

    You can add me to the list. I had the procedure in early 2009 and have experienced both a decrease in intensity and drive since then. It’s not in my head as I had no preconceived ideas going into the procedure as this potential side effect was never on my radar. I’m contemplating a reversal if it could help “right the wrong”. I’d be interested to hear if anyone experiencing this has tried a reversal and whether it was a success.

  29. toby

    Same results as many of you above. Had is done 3 years ago. Slowly saw a decrease in drive and intensity of orgasms. Never could get erections as easily as I used to.

    I also seemed to have to pee a lot at night. It felt like I was “leaking”. That eventually went away after about 3 weeks, but when I called the doc about it the assistant basically blew me off and responded in a way which she said the vasectomy would have nothing to do with that.

    i completely disagree. It is like troubleshooting anything. You start having an issue with your car or computer. First quesiton you ask is what changed or what is different.

  30. Budd

    Just three months ago for me and I have already decided to have it reversed. I would be interested in knowing if anyone had this reversed and if the sensation came back after.

    My doctor basically blew me off too, but I had a urologist my friend knows tell me that he knows it is a rare side-effect. He is checking to see if the reversal will bring it back to normal or close.

    As far as my doctor goes, he will get none of my business, and I have stopped a bud of my from having it done, (he probably would have had it done at my doctors office). I now try to talk all from having this procedure done.

    These stinking doctors are worthless. Look at the response of this one at the top of the page. “Gee I can’t see why that might happen, therefore it can’t happen.” IDIOT.

  31. Ricardo Fernandez

    I have a totally different experience that no one seems to have. I had a vasectomy almost a year ago. I have no pain in the testicles or anything like that. What happens to me is that at the point of ejaculation, the head of the penis is so hyper-sensitive that I can’t thrust through the ejaculation, it is too sensitive to the point of extreme discomfort. When I ejaculate I have to just be still inside my wife. It really is upsetting me to the point that I regret having had the vasectomy. This never happened to me before the vasectomy.

    All these vasectomy sites claim that the operation should have no effect of sexual function and that obviously is a lie. Urologists must make the majority of their money from performing vasectomies and they don’t want the cash flow to decrease.

    Men, think hard before having a vasectomy.

  32. H

    please help. my orgasms were a 10/10 before. had vasectomy and same thing everyone is reporting. my orgasms are a 2/10 at best. the last couple of times it was a 0-1/10. please help, i have tried everything. its been a year and its worse than ever. does a reversal fix the problem?

  33. Christy

    I am a veterinarian, and my husband is a professional. He instigated getting a vasectomy, and I went along with it as I felt it was his body, his decision. We are both very level-headed, physically healthy people. My husband is absolutely not a candidate for the problems being “in his head”. My husband has experienced many of these same symptoms: not feeling the “rush” from his testicles, a “weird” or less intense orgasm, less of an ability to maintain an erection, mild testicular atrophy, and possible mild decrease in penis size. I am so upset that I did not listen to my instincts, because I never felt comfortable with this procedure for some reason and felt very uncomfortable the day it was done. As a medical professional myself, I felt my instinctual discomfort was unfounded. Now I know it was not. Bottom line – just because a side effect or complication is rare, does not mean it does not occur. And as this is an elective procedure, men SHOULD be warned of this “rare” side effect. Even if it is as rare as 1 in a million, if it’s you or your spouse who is effected, it is too common!! Medical professionals are not all-knowing Gods, but they should be as thorough as possible and be prepared to say “I was wrong, and I’m sorry” and do everything they can to prevent and educate against, and HELP with the occurence of, a potential side effect! I plan to research this and will post anything useful that I find. Good luck and Gods-Speed to all of us.

  34. Jeff

    I would just like to say thank-you to everyone here who has shared their very personal experiences about this subject. I was very seriously considering getting a vasectomy; I even have the consultation booked; but I’m thinking very seriously now about saying no. I’m sorry that so many of you are having difficulty, but I really do appreciate your willingness to tell the truth about something that I believe many men go into somewhat blindly.

  35. h

    I am a medical professional and I attribute these poor orgasms to the surgeon damaging the sympathetic nerves along the vas. The best way I canexplain it is, compare it to parasympathetic denervation of the parotid and submandibular glands. You can still taste a sour taste but you lost the contraction of.those glands ducts. Sureyou can still taste sour, BUT the whole experience has changed, imagine losing the feeling of tasting the lemon but the floor of your mouth no longer tightens, puckers, etc. Its a terrible thing. Yes you can orgasm but the whole experience has changed for the worse. Ejaculation is a sympathetic response, the sympathetic nerves that innervate the vas are no longer connected. The.vas doesn’t contract. Its terrible. Trust me, worst mistake of my life.

  36. Greg

    G’Day Guys,
    I was told by the doctors it was just me, and it was all in my head. I had many trips to the surgeon to get this resolved but met with the same (its all in your head crap )
    Sex used to be awesome, but now at the point of climax their is no money shot no nothing.
    Very disappointed and pissed off I have lived like this for 3 years now and its not getting any better.
    Please if any one has a way of fixing this or making sex pleasurable again please post.

  37. m b

    im 30 years old, i had the same thing as alot of the above posters. more intense orgasms right after the surgery, then a few months later I noticed a steady decline in intesity. sex is still enjoyable but not the same. & masturbation is almost pointless. i still climax but its not worth doing it. i just dont feel satisfied afterwards. its been a year now & Im greatly dissapointed. I know its not it my head. others have suggested its because Im getting older. thats not an acceptable answer because the change took place during a few short months after the vasectomy.

  38. Bill

    yes I agree here…less ejaculation and less intensity in the orgasm..I recommend to any male thinking about it DON’T do it!!!

  39. Jeff

    I had my procedure almost a year ago and have had the same issue since the start.

    Less intensity – it’s more of a squeezing ache felt just under and behind the scrotum rather than the full tremble it used to be.

    Drastically less volume – I’d say from about 1-2 TBS down to 1 TSP, if that at times

    Afterwards I also feel somewhat sore as if the pressure was never released, since it had nowhere to go. Never really satisfied anymore.

    Loss of sensation like this can only be due to nerve damage. Don’t buy any of this emotional crap they try to throw at you. My procedure was “scalpel-less”, meaning done through a tiny hole. I suspect that rather than cutting and having full view of what the doctor was doing he just kind of stuck a wire in and whisked it around like scrambled eggs till he found what he was looking for to pull back through and cut.

    Nerves can not be regrown once severed. A reversal will not fix this. Unfortunately I think we’ll have to simply get used to our shared mistake.

  40. Budd

    I wrote some time back and have since had the reversal done. I am into this thing for over 9,000 dollars. The reversal went well enough. I don’t know if I am sterile still or not, probably not. That was not a concern (although I would like to check someday and see if all was done correctly).

    The good news is that a lot of the feeling did come back. Certainly not all, but better than 50 percent. I doubt it ever will all come back (a crappy price for not doing your homework). I asked the doctor who did the reversal if it was nerve damage would the nerves grow back, and he told me they could. That makes sense, people who have limbs severed and then reattached don’t lose all sensation forever.

    Would I have or recommend a vasectomy again, obviously never. The reversal, I would do again and again if that is what it took (and I had that kind of money to throw around). The pain after the operation was no worse than the vasectomy, less so because I was completely out for the procedure itself. I got the orgasm sensation back, for the most part, and I am not wondering what if all the time.

    I would ask that you guys be proactive when you hear of someone who is thinking of doing this and try to talk them out of it. Don’t let some poor SOB go thru this because you were embarrassed. Send them to the internet if nothing else, tell them to research this and not take the doctor’s pitch, or the word of someone who did it and got lucky.

    Good luck fellers, I will check this site for a while longer, but then I will not be coming back, in an effort to put this s__t behind me.

  41. Jeff38

    Hi guys,

    I had my vasectomy 2 month ago and I experience exactly the same thing as all of you (decrease in orgasm intensity, decrease in sex drive, etc.).

    I am seriously considering the reversal procedure.

    Budd wrote on May 16, 2011 that he had the reversal done and the feeling are back at 50%. What feeling are back and not? What about orgasm intensity, buildup and sex drive ?

    Can you recommand me a surgeon or a clinic for the reversal ?

    I am planning to have the reversal within the next 2-3 months. I am looking to find a good surgeon if some one can post some info I will appreciate a lot.

    I will post my experience of my reversal as soon as it will be done.


  42. Ian

    I also plan on having a reversal if I can afford it, which is a big if. I had my vasectomy done while living in CT and the doctor who performed the procedure referred me to Dr. Keith Jarvi for the reversal. Dr. Jarvi works out of Toronto, Canada, which conveniently is where I live now. I have yet to make an appointment, but will follow-up once I have.

    I’m hopeful given Budd’s experience that the reversal could help improve things. I see no other alternatives anyway.

  43. Budd


    I had my reversal done at the Cleaveland Clinic. More expensive than some other places, but I didn’t want to take anymore chances.

    The sensation that came back was the orgasm sensation. As I said, it hasn’t come back completly, but at least now I feel something. I am going to say more than 50 percent came back, but not much more. The truth is that I went 9 months without feeling any of the orgasm, and I don’t think I remember exactly what the 100 percent felt like. I just know that I feel more than before (post vas, pre reversal), but I my body’s response during and after is not the same as pre-vascetomy, toes curling, rush of endorphines, that kind of stuff is probably gone for good.

    My condition may have been a little different than yours, the orgasm was the only thing that changed, everything up to that was pretty much the same.

    My post op reversal was pretty much like what I went through with the vascetomy itself. Now that the cables are reattached I will tell you that they are not the same. I imagine it is scar tissue that will never heal, they are thicker and more sensitive (more painful to the touch). I will deal with that a lot better than loss of sensation. For me the loss of sensation was such that I might have well have been watching some guy in a porn have his orgasm, everything was happening as advertised, but I felt nothing.

    The fact of the matter is that we were duped into this operation with the promise of some post op swelling and pain, but that would subside in all but the most extreme cases. BS. This operation will probably lead to my early demise. Because I will be damn close to death before I let one of these self important, social misfit, punkass doctors next to anything important on my body again.

    Good Luck

  44. Bleek

    I am considering a vasectomy.

    Looking for information I found this thread, which caught my attention. My situation is that I already do have the situation where my ejaculation is accompanied with no or hardly any feeling. Quite often I have to look at circumstantial evidence in order to be sure that I finished. The lead-up to the moment and my sex drive are still intact.
    In other words, I already have lost my orgasm without an obvious cause to blame (no surgeries whatsover around the time I lost the feeling). This was like 3 years ago.

    With ‘nothing’ to loose I will continue with the vasectomy thingey anyway, but I must say that I do feel your ‘pain’.

  45. Tal

    I had a closed-end vasectomy about 2 years ago and since then have had a similar loss of intensity common to most of the previous posts.

    Recently I had been thinking about having the vasectomy converted to open-end in the hopes that the sensation might improve on the assumption that it might be some sort of pressure related issue. Unfortunately there seems to be no information available on these sorts of problems (as we all seem to have found out), and this is the only place on the internet I have have found the issue being discussed.

    Apart from this one issue I have had no problems since the op and like the freedom it brings, so would rather not have the reversal if some other solution could be found (which is why I was thinking about the open-end conversion). For those of you also with this problem, was your vasectomy of the close-end or open-end type?

  46. Andreas

    I had a vasectomy in 2010 and experienced a reduced pleasure in orgasms / ejaculation – at times even pain/discomfort due to the testicles pulling up during intercourse. Sex and orgasm lost a lot of its pleasure and I reversed the vasectomy in 2014. The first orgasm after the reversal was more intense and powerful than I have ever experienced in my life. This experience has convinced me that there is are very clear physiological consequences of having the vas deference connected/disconnected. I have also been told that “it is all in your head”, which is complete non-sense!

    After the reversal my sex life improved and I regained pretty much the pre-vasectomy orgasmic sensations. No more discomforts or numbness. Unfortunately, in the past year I have experienced renewed discomforts and testicle pains, and a reduced pleasure from orgasms. I had the ejaculate tested and sure enough there is no sperm. This is, according to my reversal surgeon, most likely due to scarring of the sutures from the vasovasectomy (reversal). So I am effectively vasectomied again.

    Having a vasectomy is playing Russian roulette with male sexuality! It may have little effect on a majority of men, but it certainly has significant effects on some of us!

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