Can a vasectomy reverse itself?

What are the chances that a vasectomy could “reverse itself” and allow a pregnancy to occur? This is one of the top questions men (and women) have about the vasectomy procedure. The short answer is that even though it’s technically possible for a vasectomy to spontaneously reverse, it is extremely rare. How can a vasectomy reverse itself? An unintended post-vasectomy reversal is known as a recanalization. Recanalization is a process in which sperm regains the ability to enter a man’s semen after a vasectomy, resulting in the remote possibility of pregnancy. We discuss recanalization in more detail below and also in this article. Harvard Medical School reports that recanalization occurs in approximately 1 in 4000 vasectomies. This figure will vary from source to source, but the bottom line is that recanalization is a very uncommon event. …

Pregnancy after vasectomy?

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Vasectomy failure rate

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