Pictures of typical no-scalpel vasectomy healing and scar

This set of pictures shows the healing following a no scalpel vasectomy, as well as some images showing the appearance of the scar months after the operation.

Our contributor says: “I checked out your site before going for my vasectomy and it was very useful. So in return I have attached some photos that I took in the couple of days following my no scalpel procedure. Thanks and best of luck with your site, I hope you get plenty of people contributing pics as I found it very useful when considering a vasectomy.”

Immediately after procedure

No scalpel vasectomy normal healing day 1 - Image 1
The first three photos show the incision, and were taken during the first day or so following the procedure.

No scalpel vasectomy normal healing day 1 - Image 2
Again, a clear view of the wound.

No scalpel vasectomy normal healing day 1 - Image 3
In this one, the wound has started to heal. The photo was taken a day or so after the procedure.

Six months after vasectomy

The next two photos were taken about six months later using a camera phone.

No scalpel vasectomy fully healed - Image 1
Our contributor says: “I took the first set of pictures the first couple of days after the vasectomy. Unfortunately I didn’t think to take more until just recently. I was having trouble getting pics off my phone onto PC, and it wasn’t until I managed to get them off the other day that I remembered I had taken the pics for your site but hadn’t done any others.

To be honest, after the first couple of months I had forgotten that I had had a vasectomy done as there was nothing noticeable down there. I enclose some updated ones taken 6 months later.”

No scalpel vasectomy fully healed - Image 2
Our contributor enclosed this photo to demonstrate that you simply cannot tell a vasectomy has been performed.

Many thanks to our contributor for submitting these pictures and allowing us to use them.


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